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10 Underrated EURO 2024 Talents To Sign in FC 24 Career Mode

Euro 2024 in Germany is set to spotlight several young players who have the potential to become future stars in FC 24 Career Mode.

These relatively unknown talents are perfect for managers looking to build a formidable team by developing young prospects. Here’s a detailed look at ten underrated players who can make a significant impact on your squad.

Nicola Zalewski (Poland)

Nicola Zalewski, currently playing for AS Roma, is a versatile player who can play as a Left Wing-Back (LWB), Left Midfielder (LM), and Right Midfielder (RM). At 21 years old, with an overall rating of 75 and a potential of 82, the Polish is valued at €11M and has a €20.9M release clause in FC 24 Career Mode.

His impressive acceleration and sprint speed (both 83) combined with strong dribbling (80) and a 4-star weak foot make him an excellent choice for wide positions, offering both offensive and defensive support.

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Martin Baturina (Croatia)

Dubbed as the next Luka Modrić, Martin Baturina is a talented midfielder from Dinamo Zagreb that can play as a Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM) and Central Midfielder (CM). With an overall rating of 75 and potential of 85, the 20-year-old is valued at €12.5M and has a €30M release clause in-game.

The Croatian’s strengths lie in his dribbling (83), ball control (82), and short passing (77). His high/medium work rate and flair for creativity make him an ideal playmaker, capable of unlocking defenses with ease.

Victor Kristiansen (Denmark)

Victor Kristiansen, on loan at Bologna from Leicester City, is a dependable left-back (LB) with an overall rating of 74 and potential of 80. The 20-year-old, valued at €6M, brings strong acceleration (75), stamina (83), and defensive capabilities to the table.

His high/high work rate ensures that he can contribute both in defense and attack, making him a well-rounded option for the left flank.

Leopold Querfeld (Austria)

Leopold Querfeld is a towering center-back (CB) playing for Rapid Wien. The Austrian stands at 6’3″ and combines physicality and defensive prowess to excel on the field. At 19, with an overall rating of 71 and potential of 82, Querfeld is valued at €3.8M and has a €6.3M release clause.

His standout attributes include strength (85), jumping (84), and standing tackle (73). His power and aerial abilities make him a commanding presence in the backline, ideal for teams needing a robust defender.

Kenan Yıldız (Turkey)

Playing for Juventus, Kenan Yıldız is an 18-year-old player that can play as a Centre Forward (CF) and Left Midfielder (LM). Despite a lower overall rating of 66, his potential of 83 makes him a valuable investment at €2.2M.

Yıldız’s notable attributes are his sprint speed (75), dribbling (73), and ball control (73), complemented by a 4-star weak foot. His agility and technical skills can greatly enhance your attacking options.

Martin Vitík (Czech Republic)

If you are looking for a solid defender, then Martin Vitík is a one to watch. Standing at 6’4″ the center-back (CB) is currently playing for Sparta Praha and is a formidable defender with an overall rating of 75 and potential of 82.

Valued at €10.5M with a €25.2M release clause in Career Mode, the 20-year-old excels in jumping (85), strength (81), and standing tackle (76). Vitík’s height and defensive capabilities make him a key asset for set-pieces and defensive solidity.

Heorhiy Sudakov (Ukraine)

Heorhiy Sudakov, a 20-year-old midfielder from Shakhtar Donetsk, brings creativity and vision to the midfield. With an overall rating of 76 and potential of 86, the Ukrainian wonderkid is valued at €16.5M and has a €39.6M release clause in FC 24.

His dribbling (78), long passing (75), and long shots (80) are his standout attributes, while his high/medium work rate and Team Player playstyle enhance his value as a playmaker.

Kobbie Mainoo (England)

Coming from the Manchester United academy, Kobbie Mainoo is an 18-year-old midfielder that made waves this season for the Red Devils. The English youngster offers a blend of agility and technical skill with an overall rating of 72 and potential of 87.

With an in-game value of €5M, Mainoo’s strengths include dribbling (79), agility (78), and short passing (78). His high work rate and playstyles like Long Ball Pass and Trivela make him a versatile midfielder capable of contributing to both defensive and offensive phases.

João Neves (Portugal)

Portugal is continuing its tradition of developing world-class players, and João Neves might be one of them. The 18-year-old midfielder from Benfica, is a high-potential talent with an overall rating of 77 and potential of 88. Valued at €22M, with a €48.4M release clause, Neves excels in long passing (79), ball control (79), and stamina (90).

His high work rate and Technical playstyle ensure that he can maintain performance levels throughout the match, making him a valuable midfield engine for your team or the Portugal national team at EURO 2024.

Zeno Debast (Belgium)

The last player on our list is one of Belgium’s most interesting prospects, Zeno Debast. At just 19 years, the center-back (CB) plays for Anderlecht and offers strong defensive capabilities with an overall rating of 73 and potential of 84. Valued at €6M, with a €10.2M release clause, Debast’s key attributes include standing tackle (77), long passing (76), and aggression (75).

His ability to play long passes from the back makes him an effective ball-playing defender, ideal for initiating attacks from deep.

These young talents are certain to make a significant impact in FC 24 Career Mode. Investing in these players not only bolsters your squad but also sets the foundation for long-term success as they develop into world-class stars. Discovering and nurturing these hidden gems can give your team the competitive edge needed to dominate both domestically and internationally.

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