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What Can We Expect in Future Generations of Football Gaming Tech Upgrades?

If you were playing games (or even alive) at the time, you might remember the fascination we had with the first FIFA International Soccer. Released back in 1993, this title for the Mega Drive and SNES was a revelation, though it might be challenging to return to today. Isometric graphics and four game modes with 48 teams to choose from put the series off to a great start, but as technology evolved, so too would FIFA.

The PlayStation and Nintendo 64 market the first leap the series had into true 3D with FIFA 96, with the PS3 and Xbox 360 marking the move into high-definition. Since then, graphics and physics have only improved, but that leaves us wondering, what might come next?

The new EA FC franchise finds itself in a similar position to many other sports games, where plateaus in graphics and gameplay complexity make it difficult to deliver further leaps forward. Diminishing returns is a real problem, and while roster updates are always welcome, bigger changes are a more complicated task. So where will the game go from here, and what it might step forward add for longtime fans?

A Better Mobile Experience

FIFA/FC on mobile platforms like the Switch is already a thing, but it’s also a release that has long been criticized by review sites like IGN. Instead of doing its best with the humble platform, the Switch versions of FIFA titles are commonly seen as stagnant, unimaginative, and made with the minimum of effort. Part of this is the fault of the developers focusing on more profitable platforms, but it is also due to the system’s relatively low amount of processing power.

For the next generation, a more accurate port using more processing power would be the easier way to keep players happy. We already have many examples of this, as has been demonstrated in the world of online betting with the likes of Slingo casino games. These games such as Tetris Slingo and Slingo Space Invaders offer the same experience on mobile as on desktops and laptops, so fans are happy to make the jump. With the next generation of Switch (apparently) not long away, there’s hope new mobile efforts could see a similar approach.

Virtual and Augmented Approaches

Virtual and augmented reality systems have made rapid progress in the last decade, are are just not reaching a point of mass viability. While these might not transform EA’s football series, they could offer bonus or side-content modes that could add considerable value to the experience.

A player using augmented reality in the future could one day overlay the game on their coffee table, providing a birds-eye-view of the action to enjoy. Virtual reality could provide the players a far broader view of the action from above, or even let them watch from the sidelines or the stands. This tech already exists, it’s just a matter of it becoming cheaper, and the developers deciding the approach is worth the effort.

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EA FC as a series isn’t dying out anytime soon. It’s more successful and profitable than it’s ever been, and we have to hope that progress manifests as more forward-thinking and experimental approaches to design. It might not be worth reinventing the wheel, but in terms of trying something new, we’d love it if our favourite game put in the effort.

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