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New FIFA 21 Celebrations Revealed

Goal celebrations are a big part of the game and EA Sports unveiled today a brand-new set of celebrations and with it a tutorial on how to perform them. There are a total of 14 new celebrations that will add ...

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FIFA 21 Demo Cancelled

As tradition EA Sports released each year a demo for their FIFA series but this year it was confirmed that there will be no demo for FIFA 21. The news came as a shock to most fans but it was ...

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FIFA 21 Player Traits Guide

Player traits and specialties have been part of the FIFA Series for quite a while now. First introduced in FIFA 07, the player traits features are used to give players unique behaviors in-game. In this guide you will learn how ...

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FUT 21: Icons Ratings Revealed

Even though all the FUT 21 ICONS were revealed last month, today we finally found out what their ratings will be in the next edition of FIFA. We will start with the ratings of the new 11 ICONS that were ...

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FIFA 21 Career Mode Hidden Gems

The future stars of FIFA 21 Career Mode revealed. The players with the highest potential OVR growth in FIFA 21 Career Mode have been announced by EA Sports recently. Remember that with the Dynamic Potential feature some of these potentials ...

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How To Get FIFA 21 Early Access

The FIFA 21 worldwide release is set for October 9th but there are a few ways to get your hands on the game much earlier than everyone else. If you pre-ordered the FIFA 21 Champions Edition or FIFA 21 Ultimate ...

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