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EA Sports Introduces New Feature To Control And Limit Time And Spendings In FIFA 21

Yes, it is true, EA Sports are trying to help fans track and limit their playing time and FIFA Points spendings with the help of a new feature called FIFA Playtime that has been introduced today via the latest FIFA 21 title update on PC.

This comes as a result of multiple lawsuits because of Ultimate Team, bans of FIFA Points in countries like Belgium or Netherlands and for its impact on children that are prone to develop a gambling addiction due to how the FUT packs system work.

This new in-game tool was created for parents and players to track the FIFA 21 playing time, set a match limit per week across all game modes and restrict the amount of FIFA Points you can buy or how many packs you can open in FUT.

If you are on PC you can limit your microtransactions spendings by accessing your EA account and input how much money you wish to spend on a monthly basis.

Microtransaction mechanics such as FUT packs have been extremely profitable for EA over the years. Last year it generated over $1.3 billion in net revenue just from Ultimate Team modes in FIFA, NHL and Madden games.

The addition of the FIFA Playtime feature in FIFA 21 is much welcomed but only time will tell how effective it will be in suppressing addiction and spending, especially for children.

The tool will be available on FIFA 21 for PS4 and XB1 next week when Title Update #5 will drop.

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