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Ranking the Best FIFA Games of All Time

From all the sports out there, one is above all. There is passion, there is action, there is football. This sport has a way to connect people, to draw their passion and for one moment, regardless of where they are in the world, to watch and enjoy the game of football.

We can conclude that Football (not to be confused with the American term of Football which is essentially rugby, whereas they call the real football – soccer), is one of the most important sports in the world. 

Our lives have not only been affected by watching it. We’ve collected Panini Stickers from our favorite players during World and Euro cups and Champions league. We buy jerseys from our favorite teams and players. We hung posters of our favorite teams in our bedrooms. One video game in particular that has made football even more wide spread – the Fifa Gaming series.

As the official FIFA game has been discontinued (because EA and FIFA didn’t prolong their contract) is now just a history and replaced by FC gaming series, we decided to create a list and rank the best FIFA games of all time.

1. FIFA 10

We’ve chosen FIFA 10 as the number one pick because it was revolutionary at the time and it still carries to the newer games developed in the future. It created a new standard for realism in football video games.

In this game we were firstly introduced the 360-degree dribbling system, which gave players unprecedented control over the ball, making the gameplay experience more fluid and lifelike. Also, the Manager Mode and Virtual Pro also saw significant improvements, offering deeper customization and progression.

2. FIFA 12

Next in our list is FIFA 12. This game brought the impactful Player Impact Engine, a physics-based system that changed the way players interacted on the pitch. Also, this game added a feature Tactical Defending, which added a layer of strategy to the defensive side of the game.

Thanks to these features, we got a more challenging and rewarding football simulation.

3. FIFA 13

Building on the success of its predecessors, FIFA 13 really brought new gameplay mechanics and introduced for the 1st time the First Touch Control. Thanks to this we got more realism to the way players received the ball.

The game also expanded on the social aspect with EA Sports Football Club, connecting players around the world through competitive and collaborative features.

4. FIFA 11

Next on our list is FIFA 11. This game introduced the Personality+ system, which aimed to replicate the individual skills and traits of real-life players. Thanks to this addon made each player on the field feel unique and allowed for a more diverse range of playstyles.

The game also featured improved graphics and animations, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

5. FIFA 03

FIFA 03 was a shift in the series with the introduction of the Freestyle Control, which allowed players to perform skill moves with ease. The game’s presentation also received a major overhaul, with better player likenesses and more authentic stadiums.

6. FIFA 14

In FIFA 14, the focus was on improving the ball physics and player movement, resulting in a game that felt more responsive and dynamic. The Ignite Engine, used on next-gen consoles, provided enhanced graphics and more realistic player behavior.

This edition also expanded the Ultimate Team mode, which had become a fan favorite.

7. FIFA 09

FIFA 09 was praised for its fast-paced gameplay and responsive controls. The game introduced Custom Team Tactics, giving players the ability to fine-tune their team’s strategy to their liking.

The Be A Pro mode also saw improvements, allowing players to develop their own footballer over the course of four seasons.

8. FIFA 01

FIFA 01 was a trailblazer with its emphasis on authenticity, featuring licensed leagues, teams, and players. The game’s AI was significantly improved, providing a more challenging experience.

It also introduced the concept of player fatigue, which affected performance, adding a layer of depth to matches.


These titles represent the pinnacle of the FIFA series, each contributing to the evolution of football video games. They have provided countless hours of entertainment to fans around the globe and will be remembered as classics in the sports gaming genre.

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