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5 Teams To Manage in FC 24 Career Mode

In the world of football management, there is something exciting about taking on the role of coach and leading your team to glory and success. Just as online casinos offer free spins no Gamstop, Football Club 24 (FC 24) gives you the chance to delve into the world of tactics, strategy and management by choosing one of the five unique clubs featured in this article.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them to understand their potential, achievements and features that make them unique and attractive to players. Read to the end, it’s going to be interesting!

Celtic FC (Scotland)

Celtic FC is not just a football club, but a true symbol of Scotland that reaches deep into the hearts of many fans not only nationally but beyond.

The club’s history has been crowned with numerous triumphs, including winning the European Champions Cup in 1967 when they became the first British club to win this prestigious trophy. The club also has numerous national and international trophies to their credit, making them one of the most successful clubs in Scotland and beyond.

Currently, Celtic FC continues to be one of the most dominant clubs in Scotland. With numerous Scottish Premier League titles to its credit, the club remains a strong competitor on the domestic scene.

Boavista (Portugal)

Boavista is a club with a rich history and proud tradition in Portuguese football. The team has several significant achievements in its armoury, including winning the Primera Liga, Portugal’s top league, in the 2000/2001 season. This triumph was a remarkable moment in the club’s history and gave Boavista the opportunity to make a name for itself on the world stage.

In recent years Boavista has experienced some difficulties at national level, but it remains a strong and ambitious club. Aiming to return to the top positions in Portugal, Boavista presents an interesting challenge for those looking for opportunities for growth and development.

FC Utrecht (The Netherlands)

FC Utrecht is a club with a rich history and status as a respected member of the Eredivisie, the top league in the Netherlands. FC Utrecht’s history is marked by several outstanding achievements, including winning the Dutch Cup and other national trophies. In addition, the club regularly participates in European tournaments, demonstrating its potential and ambitions.

The club continues to be one of the stable participants in the Eredivisie, fighting for high places in the championship and striving to achieve success in European competitions. The club has a strong team and an ambitious coach, making it an interesting choice for those seeking development and growth.

Istanbul Başakşehir (Turkey)

Istanbul Başakşehir is a relatively new player on the football scene in Turkey, but has already made a name for itself as a serious competitor on a national and international scale.

In 2019, Istanbul Başakşehir created a sensation by winning their first Turkish Super League title. This triumph was a historic moment for the club and confirmed its ambitions on the world stage. Istanbul Başakşehir also regularly participates in European tournaments, demonstrating its potential and commitment to success.

The team is one of the main contenders for the top spots in the Turkish Super League and is constantly fighting for the title of the country’s champion. With large investments and an ambitious approach, the club aims to strengthen its position at national and world level.

Standard Liège (Belgium)

Standard Liège is one of the most well-known and respected football clubs in Belgium, with a rich history and tradition. The club has several outstanding achievements in its history, including several Belgian league titles and victories in national cup competitions. Standard Liège has also been active in European tournaments, demonstrating its potential and competitiveness on the world stage.

Standard Liège is a stable member of the Belgian Pro League, and regularly competes for high places in the standings, however this season they have been struggling to reach the top of the league. The club has ambitions to succeed at both national and European level.

Advantages of FC 24 game for football fans

Football Club 24 (FC 24) offers football fans a unique opportunity not just to watch the game, but to become a part of it by leading one of the famous clubs to victory:

  1. An immersive club management experience. In the game you get everything from drafting tactics to signing players – players get full control over their team.
  2. The opportunity to manage famous clubs. Fans have the chance to take control of their favourite teams and lead them to fame and success.
  3. History Making Opportunity. Every decision a player makes matters and affects the outcome of the game.


Regardless of your choice, managing one of these clubs will be a thrilling and exciting experience full of challenges, triumphs and emotions. Immerse yourself in the world of football management with FC 24 and lead your team to glory and success!

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