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FIFA World: Release 8.0 + New Engine Announcement

Today, September 30th, FIFA World players will start a new season with the release of the 8.0 update! Here’s what the new update brings:

  • New look items
  • Updated player ratings in League Teams and Ultimate Team
  • Updated rosters in League Teams
  • Turkish league
  • New kits in League teams and Ultimate Team
  • International kits and badges in Ultimate Team
  • And a lot more…

What stays the same:

  • Previous season’s players stay in your club
  • Your coins and FIFA Points carry over to the new season

Remember that the Brazilian League will be removed in FIFA World as of September 30th due to licensing reasons. For more details on the removal please CLICK HERE.

Bellow you can read the FAQ’s of the new FIFA World season:


What will happen to my players after I install the R8.0 update?

Nothing changes with players you already have in your club, they will still be there, unchanged. However, they will no longer show up in packs after the update. The new Season 2015 items, with updated look and ratings, will be in packs after September 30th.

Can I play Season 2014 and Season 2015 players together?

Yes! You can mix players from different seasons in your squad, as long as it’s not the same player. ie. you cannot play a 2014 Messi with a 2015 Messi in the same squad but you can play a 2014 Messi with a 2015 Neymar.

Will Season 2014 players still show up in the Transfer Market after R8.0 update?

Yes. You can buy and sell previous season’s items in the transfer market. Since they will no longer be in packs after R8.0, many are likely to become rare and valuable!

Does my Accomplishments progress carry over to the new season?


Does my Seasons progress reset?

You will still be in the same Division but your progress within that division will be reset. For example, if you have 8 points and 5 matches remaining in Division 3 before the update, you will have  0 points and 10 matches remaining in Division 3 after the update.

What happens to kits in Ultimate Team?

Kits will be updated automatically. For example, if you currently have a Liverpool kit in your club, after you install the R8 update it will be automatically updated to look like the new Liverpool kit. If a club is no longer in Season 2015 of FIFA World, such as Brazilian League clubs, the items will remain unchanged.

New Season Teaser web

 Beside the the 8.0 Update a new engine for the game has been announced by EA Sports that will be launched later this year with the next features to be available:

– Smarter AI – Teammates will adapt to your style of play by making better attacking runs in the opponents half.
– Improved Defensive AI – Better marking and run tracking.
– First Touch Control & Complete Dribbling Added – These new game-changers redefine how players control and run with the ball.
– Tactical Free Kicks Upgrade – Now with more set pieces options.
– Improved Player Impact Engine – Each challenge and tackle will feel realistic and rewarding.
– Keyboard and Mouse Controls Upgrades – Customize your own keyboard and mouse controls.
– And a lot more…

fifa world key art

If you want to see a small preview of the new engine you can watch the next trailer released by EA Sports at this year’s Gamescom venue:

You can follow EA Sports FIFA World on facebook or twitter for more announcements and updates!

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  1. can’t play since new patch tried uninstall and then reinstall nothing works well pissed as I love this game more so than other fifa’s pls help

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