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New Uploading Platform Launched!

Today, we are very happy to announce the launch of our new patch/mod uploading platform for our modding team members! Modders from our crew will now be able to upload with a few simple steps their mod/patch to the website and share it with everyone! The uploading/submission page can be found here. We’ve chosen to limit the access only to our team members to ensure that only quality mods/patches are uploaded and avoid stolen/ripped materials. With the addition of this new uploading platform, you can keep updated with the most downloaded files and top uploaders in our right sidebar of the website.  The TOP 3 Uploaders will receive, at the end of each FIFA season, a free PC Origin Key of the upcoming FIFA game as reward for their work! (Note that staff members are excluded from this rewarding system!) 

If you wish to join our modding team please use this page to apply.

Let the new modding season begin!

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  1. First order of things will be to release a Camera Patch for Fifa 15.

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