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How To Grind Packs for TOTY Release

With all TOTY players now in packs, it’s time to start grinding for those packs.

Fans have been saving packs by completing Objectives and various Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) for weeks now, eagerly waiting for the full TOTY squad to hit the packs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

With the full team now out and everybody opening their packs, it’s naturally to have a surplus of player items in your club. What to do with them? Well in this post you will learn how to recycle these extra cards in order to achieve more packs and increase the chances to hit the jackpot with one of those rare blue cards.

Bronze Pack Method (BPM)

A method that’s been very reliable in FUT since its creation. The Bronze Pack Method will not only allow you to find gems to sell for a profit, but will also allow you to gather player items for SBCs. Here’s how:

  1. Open Bronze Pack. (750 coins)
  2. Sell desirable cards.
  3. Bronze players that are valued at their discard level can be placed in the Bronze Upgrade SBC.
  4. Silver players gained from the Bronze Upgrade SBC an be placed in the Silver Upgrade SBC.
  5. Complete Gold Upgrade SBC with players from the previously completed upgrade.
  6. Open Gold Upgrade packs.
  7. All Common Gold cards go into League Upgrade Packs.
  8. All Rare Gold cards go into Premium League Upgrade Packs.

Upgrade SBCs

League Upgrade SBCs are an easy way to stock up on players for the TOTY campaign. Specifically, the Premium League SBCs that can reward you with cards from Europe’s Top 5 leagues. Here’s how:

  1. Complete Premium League Specific Upgrades (Requires 11 Rare Gold Players). The reward will be 5 Gold Common Players & 3 Rare Gold Players.
  2. Save the 82 OVR & below Rare Players for your next Premium Upgrade SBC.
  3. The Common Gold Player cards can be used in a Non-Premium League Upgrade SBC (Requires 11 Gold Players) or the 78+ Triple Upgrade SBC (Requires 9 Gold Players + 1 Rare Gold Player).
  4.  Repeat.

Please note that this process does not guarantee results instantly. You may not get the desired outcome from packs and will have to purchase extra gold players from the market to complete these SBCs. 


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