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EA Sports Announces New Update Tool For FIFA 22

Long gone will be the days while waiting weeks for a title update to be dropped in order to fix an annoying glitch or gameplay bug. At least that’s what EA Sports are hoping for with the introduction of a new tool in FIFA 22 called ‘Live Tuning Tool’.

With FIFA 22 already officially announced, EA Sports continues to reveal more features about the next FIFA edition and one of those features is a new tool that will allow the developers to address gameplay related issues without the need of releasing 5 GB title updates. Here’s how EA devs describes this new live tool:

“In FIFA 22 we can work on some aspects of the gameplay through the Live Tuning Tool and roll out changes to players without requiring a full Title Update. This can allow us to make tuning changes faster, with more frequency, and also keep working on the balance of the game.”

However title updates will continue to be released in FIFA 22 because the Live Tuning Tool will not be able to update or change non-gameplay related issues like animations or source codes. The developers also mentioned that perviously some small updates would take up to two months to be released and thanks to this tool it won’t be the case anymore:

“For illustrative purposes, a small tuning change that could have previously taken up to 2 months to be released, for multiple reasons, can now be released on a faster timeline after testing, as long as the update makes sense for FIFA.”

For example annoying bugs like the identical Career Mode managers during transfer negotiations or the kick-off bug in FUT will be addressed much much faster thanks to this tool. EA Sports developers stated that every change made with Live Tuning Tool “will be logged and tracked just like Release Notes and Title Updates”.

So you can expect constant updates on this matter by following us on twitter.

For FIFA 21 there have been no less than twenty title updates released since the launch of the game, yes twenty! That’s an insane number of updates for a game that should not be released with so many issues. Let’s hope the Live Tuning Tool will be implemented properly and fix glitches and gameplay bugs much faster and save players a lot of headache for the new season.

FIFA 21 will be released worldwide on October 1st but you will be able to play it earlier on September 22nd thanks to EA Play.

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