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ICON Swaps Now Available In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

As previously announced, EA Sports wanted to offer more chances this year to its player base to get their hands on an ICON and starting today they can start completing the objectives that will allow them to get one or more ICONs!

The first batch of ICON Swaps is already live in game and will run until December.

There will be a total of 24 swap player tokens to redeem via Objectives and one of these objectives will feature the use of First Owner players which will be very important this year in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. In case you don’t know what first owner players are, in short these are players that you get from SBCs, packs or objectives but never from transfer market.

The first 13 swap player tokens are already available via Season Objectives and the challenges vary from online to single player matches. The rest of the tokens will be revealed in the following weeks.

You can submit all your redeemed swap tokens for the next ICONs:

  • Peter Schmeichel 86 – 6 Icon Swaps
  • Guardiola 858 Icon Swaps
  • Jay Jay Okocha 87 8 Icon Swaps
  • Alessandro Nesta 889 Icon Swaps
  • Ryan Giggs 89 9 Icon Swaps
  • Roberto Carlos 8611 Icon Swaps
  • Patrick Kluivert 86 12 Icon Swaps
  • Hernan Crespo 8512 Icon Swaps
  • Miroslav Klose 8912 Icon Swaps
  • Andrea Pirlo 8814 Icon Swaps
  • Michael Ballack 86 – 14 Icon Swaps
  • Roy Keane 9015 Icon Swaps
  • Rivaldo 8715 Icon Swaps
  • Ian Wright 8916 Icon Swaps
  • Rio Ferdinand 8516 Icon Swaps
  • Hugo Sanchez 89 17 Icon Swaps
  • Javier Zanetti 92 17 Icon Swaps
  • Rui Costa 9017 Icon Swaps
  • Steven Gerrard 8919 Icon Swaps
  • Emilio Butragueno 8719 Icon Swaps
  • Michael Owen 9120 Icon Swaps
  • Gheorghe Hagi 91 20 Icon Swaps
  • Didier Drogba 89 23 Icon Swaps

There will be two more ICON Swaps that will be announced in early 2020.

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