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New FUT maintenance procedure

As of yesterday night EA Sports introduced a new maintenance procedure for Ultimate Team that will apply for all future maintenance periods with the aim of preventing players from starting matches that would not have a chance to finish before the maintenance starts.

To limit the amount of players that are in the middle of a FUT match when maintenance starts, this new procedure will prevent new FUT matches from starting on the appropriate platforms approximately 30 minutes before the maintenance begins.

Players that are already in a match will be unaffected and should be able to complete their matches within the 30-minute window. When the maintenance is complete, you will be able to find and start a match creation once again.

Previously when a maintenance occurred, players in the middle of a match were usually disconnected and thus losing points and contracts. Thanks to this new procedure you won’t have to worry about that ever again.

It’s a nice feature implemented by EA, even though I think they could have introduced it much earlier.

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