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FIFA 16 News Roundup #5

Even though we are only a few days away from the full game release, for those who haven’t tried the FIFA 16 demo yet they can do it by downloading it from here. Also if you have issues with the demo be sure to check this page.

FIFA16 Real Madrid 1

No less than 16 Brazilian clubs are set to appear in FIFA 16 and you can view which team are to be included in this post.

image img 2 620x330

There will be over 30 leagues and 650 teams in FIFA 16 this year and you can view the complete official team list here.

image img 5 620x330

If you wanna learn how to pull off the new FIFA 16 skills be sure to watch FIFARalle’s tutorial bellow:

If you wish to learn all skills in FIFA 16 then to check out this post.

Celebrations are a big part of the game and in FIFA 16 there are 11 new celebrations that you can perform by watching the next video:

Bellow you can find lots of links with player ratings in FIFA 16 ranging from the best dribblers to strongest player and more:

FIFA 16 Women Ratings (Top 20)
FIFA 16 Fastest Players (Top 20 )
More FIFA 16 player ratings
FIFA 16 Best Goalkeepers (Top 20)
FIFA 16 Top Leagues Player Ratings
FIFA 16 Strongest & Most Physical Players (Top 10)
FIFA 16 Top 10 Player Shooting & Shot Power
FIFA 16 Top 10 Defensive Players
FIFA 16 Best Free Kick Takers
FIFA 16 Career Mode Hidden Gems
FIFA 16 Career Mode Wonderkids
FIFA 16 Best Dribblers (Top 10)
FIFA 16 Best MLS Players (Top 20)
FIFA 16 Best Passers (Top 10)

If you want to see what items will feature in the new FIFA 16 EASFC Catalogue you can do it by viewing this post.

2233 620x330

The new FIFA 16 soundtrack list has been revealed two weeks ago featuring 42 new songs that you can listen and view right here.

image img 1 620x330

Xbox One owners can already play FIFA 16 thanks to EA Access. For more details check here.

ea access

Lots of new security and market updates are coming to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team this season from enabled transfer market on the web and companion apps to seperated console markets. For a more detailed description of these new features please check out this post. With these new updates, the ban process for selling or buying coins in FUT is more severe and you can check it out here.

CNb P91 GWs AAi At M jpg large 620x330

The web app and mobile companion app are available as of last Tuesday and you can access it on the web here or on mobile by downloading it on to your prefered OS:

PS3 and Xbox 360 console owners who intend to buy FIFA 16 can check out the game features in this post.

image img 620x330

Thirteen players from three different women’s national teams have been removed from the FIFA 16 roster a few days ago at the request of NCAA. For more details on this subject click here.


The full FIFA 16 game will roll out worldwide on September 22nd with a patch update already in line for it that will fix the following:

– Stability fixes in online game modes.
– Stability fixes in Ultimate Team.
– Stability fixes in Career Mode
– Optimized goalkeeper AI.
– Adjusted trap error tuning.
– Adjusted player positioning after corner kicks.
– Addressed player Substitutions after a red card.
– Addressed debug text issues in certain game modes.
– Addressed incorrect EA Trax artwork.
– Addressed Player and team artwork and names.

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