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FIFA Ultimate Team 15 App Review

It’s very rare that developers of a certain game manage to do it justice when they transform a game that has been designed for consoles or PC and then release an app version that really propels the game to another level. However, in this day an age where mobile gaming is a huge trend in pop culture, the need for games to be ported to mobile devices has never been so prevalent.

FIFA developers recognized this need and created the app version of the much-acclaimed FIFA series. With the increase in mobile connectivity that is present nowadays, many people are using their phones during commuting or idle hours to play online games. Gaming Realms the developers behind online portal PocketFruity found out that “games account for over 50% of smartphone app usage; and half of Facebook users go to the site specifically to play games.” Therefore showing how lucrative the apps market is nowadays for franchises such as FIFA.

But the limitations of apps, near enough always mean that things such as lag time and inferior graphics are part and parcel of the original game’s main features. This app version has a lot of features similar to the console version and the user interface has been greatly improved since its ’14 edition of the app. The Ultimate Team option is a focal point of the ’15 edition, along with its Facebook sharing options, a daily rewards system that challenges the user regularly and keeps them interested in the app among other prominent features in the game.

Regarding the gameplay, it has a lot of similar features to the last edition where you can play online against some of your friends. The game’s interface is much easier navigated until you reach the match set-up screen, which can be very taxing. You’re still likely to experience drag regardless of how strong your wireless connection is. Possible the biggest hurdle for users is that you cannot play the game without an Internet connection. Also there are many in-app purchases available like FIFA Points for the user to improve their Ultimate Team squad and gameplay.

You can download the game for free through iTunes, Google Play and WP store!

Overall Verdict:

As app games go, this is still a very impressive game that all FIFA fans will find enjoy playing. The issues that FIFA 14 had (lag time, hard to navigate interface, graphics) developers have worked hard on to improve and ultimately have brought a much better product to the market for FIFA fans to enjoy. In short: it’s a success albeit that users cannot play the games offline.

Here is an interesting video review of the FIFA Ultimate Team 15 App via Adrianisen:

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