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FIFA 15 First News

The first FIFA 15 news are here! After lots of hours of research on the web we’ve gathered all the FIFA 15 related news in this post that is quite long but you’ll surely enjoy the news.

One of the most frequent asked question by the PC fans this year was: Will FIFA 15 PC feature the IGNITE Engine? Before answering this question let’s analyze the current situation of the FIFA game on PC. As you all know in November 2013 EA Sports launched the FIFA World MMO game where users can register, download the game and play it for free! The game runs on the current gen engine and it even features the Ultimate Team mode as free-to-play. If FIFA 15 PC will be released with the current gen engine then why would anyone buy it when you can get a similar game, if not better, for free? This is an identical scenario to what happened back in 2011 when the first FIFA Online game was released. FIFA Online was a free-to-play game just like FIFA World and it used the old gen engine same as FIFA 10 PC. Many players back then decided to switch to FIFA Online from FIFA 10 PC because the game was offering better and more entertaining online features for free. Needless to say, the following year FIFA 11 was released and for the first time the PC version used the same game engine (current gen) as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. If EA Sports will follow the same steps they made back in 2011 then you will figure out the answer to the question above.

FIFA 15 will get many features from the 2014 FIFA World Cup game according to EA line producer Matthew Prior:

“The gameplay team is a central team,” said Prior when asked about the development process of both the World Cup game and the main entries to the FIFA franchise. “They carve off some of their guys to work solely on World Cup, and then some continue with FIFA. So those guys are sat together, they work together, they own the creative vision for gameplay moving forward. So they’re the same team, essentially, so everything we do, the idea is, again that it all rolls ultimately into future games. It’s an evolution of the game engine.

“Nothing we’ve done here was ever done with the intention of ‘oh, we’ll throw it away after World Cup’.”


So maybe we can expect features like Response Dribbling, Pinpoint Passing, Real Managers, Realistic Crowd or all the new World Cup stadiums in FIFA 15? For all the 2014 World Cup game features please check here and here.

What game features would you like to see from the 2014 World Cup game in FIFA 15? Leave your comments bellow.

For the past few years there have been many discussions regarding the addition of women footballers in the FIFA series but EA never gave any signs that they will add such a feature to their most popular game until now.

In a recent interview, Matt Prior, the producer of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, talked about the introduction of women’s football in the world’s most popular sports game:

“Ladies football in itself is something that we often discuss here. It’s definitely on the rise and it’s something that we would love to get in.”

“One of the challenges is to do it properly though, and authenticity is key for us, it is a lot of work. It’s not just a case of throwing up a female character on a male body. We do motion capture, it’s all very authentic movement that we have in the game, and obviously women move differently to men, so I think if we just throw a female character on a male body, it wouldn’t really look right.”

“If we were to do it we’d want to do it properly, and make it feel very different. Do it justice. So if you can imagine, we’ve got an absolute back catalogue from years and years of motion capture data. To do it, it shouldn’t be underestimated. That’s not to say we won’t at some point, like I say, it’s something we would look to do, but it is potentially a bigger undertaking than it might first seem, and if we want to do it we’d want to do it authentically, because authenticity is key for FIFA.”

Source: Gamereactor

Speaking about the motion capture of the female body from the interview above, bellow you can see two pics of the french journalist Elise Chassaing together with the FIFA producer Kantcho Dosko at the EA’s Motion Capture lab in Vancouver. She twitted the next message with the pics:

” That’s it, I’m in FIFA! Motion capture in progress.”

Women’s football league to make its debut in FIFA 15? The signs are pretty clear.

Next we will talk about the leagues, tournaments, teams, players and stadium licenses in FIFA 15!

It looks that EA Sports managed to secure the UEFA Champions League and Europa League licenses according to PES Brasil! Konami’s deal with UEFA expires this year and there were no signs of a contract renewal from the Japanese company. At this point UEFA decided to negotiate with EA and it looks that they reached an agreement for the next 3 seasons.

EA also acquired the license for Copa Libertadores according to Sergio Jadue, the Chilean FA president that confirmed the Chilean League in FIFA 14:

“ The Copa Libertadores will make its debut in FIFA 15 for a 4-year contract, allowing EA to explore all the competitions like Copa Libertadores and Recopa Sudamericana.”

With the certain addition of Copa Libertadores in FIFA 15 it is rumored that EA is planning to add more South American leagues such as the Uruguayan, Paraguayan or Ecuadorian leagues and even stadiums like Estadio Nacional de Chile, Estadio Municipal de Calama or Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo.

EA is currently negotiating the addition of the 2nd dutch league, called Jupiler League, according to this article from Voetbal International:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Source: FIFAVoetbal

Another league that has high chances to feature in FIFA 15 is the Chinese Super League! EA is looking to expand its market area and China is a BIG source of income. The same strategy was used back in FIFA 13 when they added the Saudi League. If the Chinese League will be featured in FIFA 15 then you will have the chance to play again with players like Alessandro Diamanti, Elkeson, Vágner Love, Zvjezdan Misimovic, Dejan Damjanovic and many more.

Last year EA were set to add Fenerbahce in FIFA 14 but after the team was banned by UEFA from all european competition EA choose to delay its addition to FIFA 15. The news was confirmed by the team’s president Ömer Temelli on twitter when asked by a fan if Fenerbahce will be in FIFA 15 he replied with a simple “Yes“.

Source: bolumsonucanavari

La Liga fans will surely enjoy the next news! Back in 2013, the PES Community Manager, Adam Bhatti, confirmed that EA bought all La Liga exclusive stadium licenses. Here’s his statement:

“EA have been extremely aggressive with signing deals with clubs and leagues this year, and it has meant we can’t implement major European stadiums, including NO Spanish stadiums. People were getting worried when they announced exclusive deals with Spanish teams. Well it turned out it meant we couldn’t implement their stadium, amongst others.”

Since there were no new spanish stadiums in FIFA 14, except Camp Nou, it’s safe to say that FIFA 15 will feature more if not all Liga BBVA’s stadiums!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Everton FC players got re-scanned for FIFA 15 and we know that because of this picture with Lukaku:

Thanks to the 2014 FIFA World Cup demo we know what new faces we can expect in FIFA 15. Bellow you can see the list and in-game screens of all 21 new player faces from the demo:


Jermaine Jones
Clarence Goodson
Rodrigo Palacio
Brad Guzan
Michael Parkhurst
Fabian Johnson
Leonardo Bonucci
Luiz Gustavo
Danny Welbeck
Phil Jones
Tom Cleverley
Phil Jagielka
Graham Zusi
Omar Gonzalez
Matt Besler
Alejandro Bedoya
Paul Pogba
Kyle Beckerman
Eddie Johnson

Click here for the images. More faces will be revealed with the release of the full 2014 World Cup game.

We also know that FIFA 15 will have new commentaries thanks to Base Soccer Agency who posted a photo on their twitter account two months ago of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith recording new commentaries.Source: FSB

Great news for Ultimate Team fans! There are very high chances  that FUT Legends will be available on all platforms with the release of FIFA 15 next September! EA Sports signed only a 1-year deal with Microsoft for the FUT Legends exclusivity and unless they extend that deal, which is less likely, FUT Legends will feature on PlayStation and PC platforms too next season.

The last news we have for you is that EA confirmed their presence at this year’s E3 venue where they will officially present FIFA 15! The conference will take place in Los Angeles on June 9th 2014.

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  5. So all EA have managed to do is lose one league and replace it with another. That’s not much of an improvement for me, they should be adding at least two more to the database.

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