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EA Sports Introduces More Football Legends in FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA Sports has rolled out the second phase of the Greats of the Game promotion for FC 24 Ultimate Team, introducing a new lineup of football Icons and Heroes. This update coincides with the excitement of Euro 2024 and Copa America, adding an exhilarating twist to the popular game mode.

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Upgrade Your Legends

The new Greats of the Game cards come with an upgrade feature that enhances the gameplay experience. The mechanism is simple:

  • Two goals by the nation in Euros/Copa America: +1 Overall Rating (OVR)
  • Four goals by the nation in Euros/Copa America: +1 PlayStyle+ OR 99 Stat

This means the better a player’s national team performs, the stronger their card becomes in Ultimate Team.

Introducing Team 2

Building on the success of Team 1, the second team in the Greats of the Game promotion introduces an impressive roster of 30 legendary players. This includes a mix of 22 Icons and 8 Heroes, each bringing their historic prowess to the virtual pitch. This expansion showcases talents from past Euro and Copa America tournaments, offering players a richer and more diverse selection of legends.


  • ST: Ronaldo (Brazil) – 97 OVR
  • LW: Ronaldinho (Brazil) – 97 OVR
  • CAM: Zidane (France) – 97 OVR
  • CF: Cruyff (Netherlands) – 97 OVR
  • CF: Gullit (Netherlands) – 96 OVR
  • CB: Maldini (Italy) – 96 OVR
  • ST: Henry (France) – 96 OVR
  • CM: Vieira (France) – 96 OVR
  • LB: Roberto Carlos (Brazil) – 95 OVR
  • CAM: Zico (Brazil) – 95 OVR
  • CM: Matthäus (Germany) – 95 OVR
  • CF: Del Piero (Italy) – 95 OVR
  • CM: Pirlo (Italy) – 95 OVR
  • CB: Cannavaro (Italy) – 95 OVR
  • ST: Müller (Germany) – 95 OVR
  • ST: Fernando Torres (Spain) – 94 OVR
  • CB: Desailly (France) – 94 OVR
  • RB: Zanetti (Argentina) – 94 OVR
  • CDM: Xabi Alonso (Spain) – 94 OVR
  • CM: Xavi (Spain) – 93 OVR
  • CDM: Rijkaard (Netherlands) – 93 OVR
  • ST: Trezeguet (France) – 93 OVR


  • ST: Tévez (Argentina) – 95 OVR
  • CM: Marchisio (Italy) – 94 OVR
  • CB: R. Carvalho (Portugal) – 94 OVR
  • CB: Córdoba (Colombia) – 94 OVR
  • GK: Campos (Mexico) – 93 OVR
  • CAM: Rui Costa (Portugal) – 93 OVR
  • CF: Francescoli (Uruguay) – 93 OVR
  • RM: McManaman (England) – 93 OVR

Engaging New Content

The promotion isn’t just about the player cards released in packs. EA Sports has also included a variety of engaging content such as Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Objectives. This ensures that players have plenty of opportunities to unlock unique rewards and add more legendary figures to their teams. Some of the notable content includes:

  • Alan Shearer (Icon Objective)
  • Clarence Seedorf (Icon SBC)
  • Wayne Rooney (Icon SBC)

Time to Dive In

With the Greats of the Game Team 2 squad now available in packs until Friday, July 5th, it’s the perfect time for players to enhance their Ultimate Team. Dive into the packs, complete objectives, and take on SBCs to bolster your team with some of football’s most iconic names.

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