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.:: Sunday Web Roundup ::.

The Sunday Web Roundup is back with this week’s best patches!We have many graphic mods for you today that will enhance your FIFA 12 graphic quality!Check them out:


.:: CM12 – Beta 5 by Rinaldo ::.


.:: Sweat Effect V.4 + ENB Editing V.5 by Editing Generation ::.

.:: English Leagues Missing Minifaces by moswell ::.

.:: Ligue 1 – Ligue 2 Missing Minifaces by moswell ::.

.:: Boca, River, Racing Missing Minifaces by 07nacho11494 ::.

.:: ESPN Popups by Evolution ::.

.:: Bundesliga Popups by Evolution ::.

.:: Bundesliga & ESPN Scoreboards by Timo The Owl ::.

.:: Lyon Face Update V.1 by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Eredivisie 3D Logo by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Bundesliga 3D Logo by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Liga Portuguesa 3D Logo by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Ligue 1 France 3D Logo by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Serie A Italia 3D Logo by Editing Generation ::.

.:: Liga BBVA Flag Pack by Geißbock23 ::.

.:: Serie A & Serie B Logo Pack by Robse ::.

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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. How I install espn leaderboards

  2. how to insatll the scoreboards? help!

  3. Avatar photo

    Paste the overlay files in …FIFA 12\Game\data\ui\game\overlays and regenerate.If you don’t have the overlays folder,create it!

  4. @Damien:

    Can you continue your saved career onze regenerated?

  5. Avatar photo

    If you regenerate with the last option,yes!

  6. can anyone make Bundesliga & ESPN Scoreboards by Timo The Owl for 4:3 resolutions? please

  7. Hello Damien. I use CM 12 Beta 6 and I found a problem. Rinaldo seems unactive anymore so I’ll ask here.

    When I choose a different free kick style for my created character in CM 12 and use it in game, the game crashes. Those default ones: Normal, Long Run Up and 90 degrees from ball works well.
    I think the style of free kick has something to do with the free kick’s accuracy. It works so well with Cristiano Ronaldo, so I tried to use his free kick style and guess what, game crashed. Same goes for Ronaldinho’s style, but I was surprised that Ronaldinho actually uses Henry’s free kick style, and using it in game does not lead to crashes or what. So I think for you to successfully use free kicks you need to have a specific ID, so I got one from the hidden players list (Ferrari) then tried to edit his 3d face to mine and tried to put CR’s free kick style. Still crashed in game. Any solution?

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