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We apologize about the recent inactivity on our website but we are back with a new patch today!I personally prepared you another adboard patch for all Serie A fans out there!The Serie A Generic Adboards patch is ready to be downloaded and installed in your FIFA 12!

The patch contains the realistic Serie A generic adboards for the 11/12 season.

Enjoy and see you Sunday with a new web roundup!

* You cannot re-upload this patch!You can redistribute this patch only and only using the link of the post! *

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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. Hi, I really like your patchs- all the patchs; but i can’t setup these. Serie A, UEFA CL and Generic Patchs are very good adboards; but setup process is very difficult. Please, help me. Please explain the process as completely. For example: Fifa 12 main folder? and regenaretor’s errors. Step by step please.

  2. Thanks Damien, please help me.

  3. Hi, i really like your adboard patchs. They are wonderful and the best ever. But i can’t setup them. Serie A, U CL and generic patchs. I can understand your explaining. Please explain the process step by step. For example what does it mean: “FIFA 12 Main Folder” I selected the C:PF:FIFA 12 but, the regenerator showed the error message. Please show(explain) me step by step.

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    Mate this is an automatic installation,if you can even install an AUTOMATIC installation then i dont know how can i help you.Plus I even added the steps you need to make in the read me file.Also the regenerator must have the right path to your FIFA 12 folder!(right-click on the regenerator and set path to your FIFA 12 folder and regenerate).

  5. At firstly, I’m sorry about 3 messages. When I didn’t see my comments at the website, i wrote again. Now, I will say what I did. Serie A Generic Adboards by Damien.exe file. I clicked it. Next->Next->V.2(only serie A)->I agree.. ->Then i selected C/PF/FIFA 12/Game folder -> Then Exit button.
    Then a green box showed the error message. I pressed OK. “Ricerca la cartella principale FIFA 12” message was shown by program. I selected C:PF:FIFA 12 folder .
    At now there is giving an error message again: “Exe file not found in the given path” I’m pressing OK. Then regenaretor is opening. And I’m clicking GO. And Exit.
    When I opened the game, and selected a Serie A team in the tournament mode I’m not see any new adboards. I think I’m choosing wrong folders during the setup process. And this is not an auto-setup. Because, the setup wants to selected some pathways by me.

    I want to setup these adboards very much. Please help me, and excuse me for my bad English.

  6. hello its for ps3

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    @Joshua: You must select the FIFA 12 folder not the FIFA12/Game folder.

  8. Finally, I succeeded. I’m very happy. I will install your the other adboards. Thank you so much.
    (Error reason: The folder name should “Fifa 12”; not “FIFA 12”)

  9. Hi, i like your adboards ; but i want to ask a question about these. For example, I’m playing a match in Carreer mode with a Serie A team, i want to see different adboards during the match. I want to change the adboards during the match. Isn’t it possible?

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    No it’s not possible.

  11. nice adboard 😀 Can you make EPL Adboards? pls :))

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