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.:: International Face Pack Update V.4 ::.

alex_10_arshavin returns with his 4th volume of faces,this time helped by his friend andu89 to complete this amazing face pack that has 12 new faces for:

– Anderson – (Manchester United)
– El Shaarawy – (AC Milan)
– Mata – (Chelsea)
– Messi – (Barcelona)
– Romeu – (Chelsea)
– Thiago – (Barcelona)
– Aubameyang – (AS Saint-Étienne)
– Roux – (Lille)
– Briand – (O.Lyon) – Texture by anuke
– Biabiany – (Parma FC) – Texture by anuke
– Nani – (Manchester United) – Texture by manlukasz
– Witsel – (S.L. Benfica)

Read the “Read Me” file to install all faces correctly!

Revolution Mod 12 codes update:


Copy and paste these codes in the player.lua file of Revolution Mod 12!

* You cannot re-upload this patch!You can redistribute this patch only and only using the link of the post! *

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  1. Damien,

    no one has made any Prince Boateng update yet?

  2. Avatar photo

    It will be made mate.Hopefully next week you will get it in our next face pack! 🙂

  3. Anyone can tell me how to get Scholes without the fifa update ? please

  4. Hepl me! How instal this faces in game please tell me? Tutorial or something

  5. Please Cavani,Gargano and Hamsik

  6. @Damien:

    glad to know!

    and always when is possible I like to say THANK YOU for your effort over here.

  7. El Shaarawy face doesn’t work for me 🙁

  8. Avatar photo

    @Alcatraz: Mate be sure that when you regenerate that the path to your FIFA 12 folder is correct!And that you run the regenerator as an admin if you have windows vista/7.

  9. How to install this faces? Must I have CM 12?

  10. Avatar photo

    @ForzaMilan: There is an setup installer if you dont know how to use CM12.Always read the READ ME file.

  11. do this work on non original fifa ?

  12. Avatar photo


    do this work on non original fifa ?


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