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FIFA 12 at E3 & EA SPORTS Football Club

In case you have missed the presentation of this years FIFA 12 at E3 we got you the video!Plus info’s about the new feature EA SPORTS Football Club presented at E3!

For more specified info’s about the new feature please check here.

We also have an image gallery of the new feature:

Thanks to Imbastar and azraelpc2 for uploading the videos and gamersyde.com for the images!

More videos will be released soon!And one more thing,this year FIFA 12 will be released on 30th of September as far as we know!

Cheers and stay tuned for more!

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  1. wow!!!!!! thanks to admin & of course thanks to EA. waiting for this one….. cheers

  2. no empact engine for PC users 🙁

    what a huge frustration!!

  3. COOL fifa FTW!… fuck pes! xDD

  4. Adrian, stop saying stupid things that are not confirmed yet.

  5. no empact engine for PC users? :O THIS IS TRUE?

  6. this is impact engine not empact engine
    and this is not true pc will have impact engine too.

  7. and if you’ll have fifa 11 console+football club feature,you should be happy because you’ll have ultimate team,football club,handball option,goalkeeper mode and maybe online feature from 5vs5 to 11vs11
    so fifa 12 pc will be fun 3 times more then the crappy fifa 11 pc

  8. and popaye xDD…some people have talked about that there would be no impact engine for pc … that’s why I was in doubt

  9. If Ole Gunnar was there, it must be big.
    The ” Baby-Face Killer” never lies…

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