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Lost captured faces

Over the past few years EA Sports have face scanned hundreds of players around the world in order to make our favourite football video game as realistic as possible, however, some of those scanned players never made it to the game for some reason and today we will present the list of those lost captured faces:

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So why these players never got their scanned faces in game? They weren’t popular enough? Did the scans got lost? Did the dev team tried to save disk space for the game?

Moreover, EA also removed a ton of custom faces from FIFA 15 that were present in previous editions of FIFA and replaced them with generic faces:

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If you find pictures, videos or details about players that got face scanned and didn’t make it to the game you can post them in the comment box or contact us via email here. We will forward the list to the main FIFA Producers with the hope of having these faces included in FIFA 16!


As soon as the list was sent to the producers one of them replied telling that it always depends on the 3D graphic artists and their capacity to make as many starheads as they can from a set of captured faces. So these scans aren’t lost, they are just not used yet!

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