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Regularcat’s Final Gameplay

Our gameplay maker regularcat prepared the final version of his gameplay that will surelly change your gameplay experience in FIFA 11!

The gameplay contains:

– Reworked ball physics, now shots are harder, faster, you cant tell the difference
between a short pass & a long pass, regular ball or through ball, ball weight, height &
distance are accurate

– Reworked the shooting system, shots feel too realistic, powerful or finesse

– Reworked the AI’s support efforts both on the attack & on the defensive, making smarter runs
& overlapping runs creating lanes for passes, defenders rushing back to cover areas & passing lanes
in better position to make a play on the player or the ball

CPU AI will take advantage of the said support efforts on both the attack & on the defensive
– CPU AI will take more first chance shots, shots from distance, whip better crosses into the box
– CPU AI will dribble your defenders w/ step overs & feints & quick cuts

– Reworked the GKs, they are smarter, make better decisions & position themselves much better

– Too, Too much to list in a simple description, it must be played to get the real feeling of whats being
written in a simple description

But be aware that effect will vary based on the db being used in your game,based upon traits & attribute ratings!

Enjoy and have fun!


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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. Avatar photo

    mine just crashes… :\ maybe i didnt install it right??

  2. Avatar photo

    Is it compatible online ?

  3. Avatar photo

    It’s compatible with CRLP?

  4. Avatar photo

    e compatibil online?:D

  5. Avatar photo

    Patch isn’t compatible with online game !!!

  6. Avatar photo

    Daca bag acest patch mai pot sa joc online cu cei care nu il au ?

    Mersi !

  7. Avatar photo


    NON KOMPATIBLE hahah :))

  8. Avatar photo

    yeah, i installed fifa master 11. but i cant find how to browse the data0. can you help? thanks

  9. Avatar photo

    Wow nice job, but It is very difficult to score from long range now compared with the previous edition…

  10. Avatar photo

    Can someone please explain how to install with CM 11

  11. Avatar photo

    Latest release of File Master is Beta.

  12. Avatar photo

    Where can i find a good Regenerator? I have Windows 7 and after i install the gameplay by File Master, i have to regenerate my db…

  13. Avatar photo

    compatible with CEP 11??

  14. Avatar photo

    This just edits the data0.big file ? Why not upload an edited data0.big file, it’s just 5MB ?

    So this does not work online ? If I install this and go play online, will it not work, or will I be just using the default data0.big settings or something ?

  15. Avatar photo

    Is it compatible with Fifa 10?

  16. Avatar photo

    hello hello I’m french and I live in France and we have no site to make the patch as I just must see a moment ago I spoke with a translator and Jaime lot of you to help me tell me how to be do to put a patch in the fifa 11 ps3 I will Suplie

  17. Avatar photo

    Hi ,

    Does it work with Patchs Like ( CEP 11, WT v2 ) ???



  18. Avatar photo

    this gameplay is compatibile with crpl v 2.0?

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