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New Download Center Announcement

We announced yesterday on our social network pages that a big surprise was to be revealed today and here it is, our new DOWNLOAD CENTER for FIFA mods and tools.

Due to their popularity, we have decided to separate the downloads posts from our main website and create a subdomain dedicated just for them where we will feature ONLY mods and modding tutorials for the FIFA series, nothing else. In this way modding fans can stay updated more frequently with mods and visit a page dedicated only to them.

The new Download Center page has been optimized for better navigation speed and it comes with a few new features like Compatibility Icons, Report Missing File button, more mirror link options and an updated downloads counter. The new subdomain will also work as an online archive that will make available in the near future the best mods and tools from FIFA 06 to today.

Thanks to this new page we’ve added a new uploader group called “Contributors” that can apply for an uploading position here. The difference between the Contributors group and the Modding Team group is that the first one doesn’t need to follow the team’s uploading rules (ex: use custom FI mod cover, add read me file,etc). Also the Contributors group is excluded from our Rewards System but members can always apply for a Modding Team position if they’re active enough. Moreover the Contributors need their submitted files verified before being published while the Modding Team members can publish their own files and edit/update them when they wish.

In case you’re wondering, the main website will continue to feature mods but only from their Modding Team members or from Contributors with big or important mods.

Hope you like our new downloads page and don’t forget to stay close because lots of mods are on their way!



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