[center:38v49r26]Turkish League Patch 13


-Real rosters for 12/13 season
-Turkish League and Cup in manager mode and in tournament mode
- Real jerseys with correct collars,number placements etc
- Real flags & banners
- Real budgets
- Real generic adboards
- Realistic workrates,skill stars and traits for all players
- Accurate player info (years in club, loans and contract lenth)
- Real Turkish referees (+realistic apearances)
- More than 250 minifaces
- Many new names commented by the commentators
- New Nike Maxim STSL ball
- 51 Faces (Face List)
- 3 new teams in ROTW: Bate Borisov, Ukraine & Croatia
- Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium
- Database is updated with all 12/13 winter transfers
- Updated all the fake team and league names with their real name like Liga Portuguesa > Liga Zon Sagres
- Patch supported in ENG only
- Revolution Mod 13 v.1.3 integrated

*Note* The Turkish League replaces the Tippeligaen (Norway) only in Career Mode!

Patch Screens


Database: darrek1988 & Damien
Kits: _wolff_, Celtian, Raul & DiMPaK
Faces: verh, Halicyc, guarin_91, andu89, nimnim, Jan Willem, KrisDzung276, KurtCoban, Anuke & Cris-9
Minifaces: Damien, BigBena & sortitoutsi.net
Tattoos: Kenshin & Killerito
Banners & Flags: Jarro, Damien & darrek1988
Adboards: Damien
Logos, Ball & Cup Graphics: Damien & EA Sports
Stadium: mustafasahin
Setup: Damien
Special thanks to:
Outsider87 and Rinaldo for Creation Master 13
scouser09 for Revolution Mod 13
iard86 for i86 Regenerator 13

Before you install the patch be sure to follow this tutorial:
How to have multiple FIFA 13?s installed on the same HDD