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FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

    Uhm, here's what I think:

    1. Make the fans(hooligans) realistic, smoother, like pyro's, as Galatasaray or Fenerbahce has.
    2. Add more Nacional Teams.
    3. Turkish,Romanian,Serbian leagues.
    4. The last match of the league, if the specific team wins on the match, and wins the league, the fans should start running and entering the field. (This would be an great idea xD)
    5. More fouls, make the players talk to the judge as they do complain usual...
    6. Realistic goalkeepers, better saves sometimes, and sometimes they're not in form.
    7. So much improved and better gameplay, shooting with "outside of the foot" bit lower than often, when they can from all positions, realistic ball, great boots and stuff...
    8. Better commentator, someone who will go crazy on a match if a specific team wins the league in the final minutes =D

    That would be all from me, I guess at least one from this thingz will come up in FIFA14.
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