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FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

    I've opened this thread in order to get your suggestions and ideas for FIFA 14. You can post anything you like, from what you want to get improved to what new features you would like to add. All suggestions will be sent to the main EA Sports FIFA Series Producer![/center:nrkh6hra]

    Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

    I would say:

    1. Ball physics need more improvement.When the ball rolls on the pitch, it feels kind of feathery, not hard and bouncy like a real ball.

    2. Animations need to be smoother, especially the step frequency and cutting speed.

    3. More fouls. I think this is what everyone wants every year, but no luck so far with vanilla gameplay.

    4. Slower build-up for most top-tier teams. The main problem I found this year is the lack of patience the AI has while building up their attack. All passes aim forward to side mids of strikers - there are no drops back to the defense from mid field.

    It would be great if 2 or 3 of these suggestions are added in next years' game.


      Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

      1. Pyro shows in goal celebrations

      2. Camp Nou back in the original game

      3. New league: Greece Superleague

      4. Classic national teams to unlock (like Brazil 2002 or France 1998)

      5. More team chants (including Poland from EURO)


        Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

        1.More fouls in the original gameplay.(cos I use gameplay mod like Fidel,AP or Paul)
        2.Invite those Gameplay mod creator to help creating a much more realistic gameplay.
        3.Team chant louder and when team scored they scream not just "yeah.. we scored" I hate the awkward moment when I score a godly goal and no one seems to care.
        4.Fix the animation! COME ON FIX THE GOD DAMN ANIMATION!!!! Don't let KSI have the chance to upload another Fifa Funnies episode!
        5.More licensed kits,gloves,balls,boots and stadium.
        6.THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT! Stabilise the game for lower/mid end PC.

        Career mode overhaul for both Manager and Be A Pro mode.
        -Be A Pro-
        1.Option to suggests transfer target,formation or even tactics.
        2.Can get sub on and sub off.(Right now in FIFA 13 you can't get sub on and sub off rate is so low)
        3.Press conference.(NBA 2k can do it why cant' we? )
        4.Real Training Animation/Improvement shown.

        -Manager Mode-
        1.realistic transfer.
        2.Animated press conference.
        3.Meeting.(Example:Rooney had an argument with RVP cos he score too many goals.CLUB MEETING!)

        Well,the game is not good enough for me to spend 100-200 dollar(Yeah thats right 100-200 dollar,my country ha) on,So I cracked it. :P
        But,I watch those online matches from youtubers.
        1.When pack opening,btm right will shown you get exp because of "Found A Rare Gold Player" or "Opening A Gold Pack",That just set our mood off.
        Maybe show that after the card is flipped.
        2.Better connection.
        3.Before 5 min dc no lose is a total Bullshit.

        Thats all from me.

        yao FIX YOUR GOD DAMN GAME EA yao


          Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

          1. Proper net physics, This one really annoys me. When the ball hits the net in FIFA it looks nothing like it does in real life.

          2. More fairness in the AI

          3. Add all leagues in Europe, south america, asia. But just have them unlicensed, Like with wrong team names, wrong player names and such. then we can edit them as we like.

          4. In be a pro, ability to start on the bench and get subbed on.

          5. Actual models for Managers, So like its your VP and you can actually edit there appearance like pick hairstyles and such as you do with you VP.

          6. Have subs that are actually real player from the teams playing, So the subs warming up are the actually bench players you selecet.

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            Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

            1. Put the "be a pro"mode back in fifa 14, like was in fifa 12

            2. And include the Romanian first division ( just Liga 1) or 2-3 teams in Rest of the World...


              Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

              1- Goalkeepers should be allowed to make mistakes at times

              2-more cinematics ecspecially in career mode like press conferences when signing a top player

              3-realsitic transfers and more transfer drama/sagas

              4-more fouls and fights during derby matches

              5-ability to sign for a new club when getting fired instead of ending the career mode

              6-better view during celebrations


                Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

                1: Gameplay is not always smooth, this definitly needs to be improved...Some teams just hv a smother game-play than others.

                2: Retired players stats and growth should be used for players in the youth system
                3:You should be abe to send players on on 2-3years loans

                4:More realistc scoreboards

                5: we have players like giggs & scholes reaching age 38-39 and hv good stats, not because a player has reached age 32 their stats have deteriorate rapiadly, some players process should take a longer time.

                6:Transfer fees should me more realistic and clubs should hv realistc money as well

                7:More fairness in the AI

                8:concacaf chamipons league

                9:Improve camera views

                10:Players should be able to push the refree out of their paly, too often the ref block players and they can't move

                11:Classic players should also be an option in our youth team/system EG. Pele, Zidane, Figo & Ronaldo etc.

                12:You should be able to buy young players and loan them back to the team they come from


                  Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

                  Simultaneous Local Multiplayer Careers

                  - Two virtual pros in the same “world”

                  - Get transferred to/away from the same team as your friends

                  - Battle with your friends as coaches after the same player in transfer windows

                  - See NCAA Football (Dynasty), MLB The Show

                  - Basically, it's tournament -- custom league, only with transfers added


                    Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

                    Keep them coming guys! Also what new celebrations and stadiums would you like to see in FIFA 14? Post suggestions!


                      Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

                      They could get the Camp Nou license back.


                        Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

                        Originally posted by Damien
                        Keep them coming guys! Also what new celebrations and stadiums would you like to see in FIFA 14? Post suggestions!
                        Lower leagues stadium!Team example like Reading,Blackburn Rovers and Bradford City stadium and many more. LOL

                        They need to "steal" some from PES 13.
                        HARLEM SHAKE AND GANGNAM STYLE!

                        EDIT: here is a video of "PES 13 Gangnam Style celebration".


                          Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread
                          • Classic International Teams - England 1966, France 2006

                            Saudi Arabia International Team

                            Guam International Team

                            English Conference

                            Be the Referee

                            Referee Career Mode

                            Legends FC (B. Moore, A. Booth, G. Banks etc


                            Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

                            Wish they would remove the scripting in FIFA.

                            Just played Nordsjalland with AC Milan and it ended 4 - 4, 16 shots by me(AC Milan) 12 on target. 4 shots for them 4 on target 4 goals.

                            everyone of there goals game exactly 2 in game minutes after my goals.

                            My FIFA 14 Kit thread on Soccergaming


                              Re: FIFA 14 Suggestions Thread

                              Here are my suggestions:

                              1. the ability to resign from the club in career mode, and just simply train the national team only or find work whenver you want.

                              2. create a second team, you can pre-determine this team and use it whenever the 1st team is fatigued. E.g. 2-3 games per week, in one of them you can use the 2nd team, not via DB manager. Or use it in easy league matches

                              3. all the players should be able to do even the most basic dribbling, some of the players don't have this option now

                              4. a more clear search and display when: search transfers, search players for the national team etc

                              5. in trasnfer exchange mode, add the option to exchance as many players as you like for 1 player, eg: you want to buy Rooney, you will add the following players from your team to the bid: Ivanovic, Piazon, Luis and Terry.

                              6. the possibility to take a loan from a bank in order to buy a player or increase the wages. not like the request funds, something more realistic

                              7. Add the Serbia National Team.

                              That's about it from my side.