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..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

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    ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

    .:: Complete Romanian League Patch 11 - Volume 2 ::.

    We were very pleased with what we have accomplished in CRLP v1 which was a very great success for FIFA-Infinity team, but we knew from the start what is the direction we should be heading to, so since the first day we have released the first beat of Complete Romanian League Patch, we have decided what new cool features we could introduce in maybe the best FIFA 11 patch released untill now, then we immediately started to work harder than ever to create an epic patch for an epic football game, meant to be played by our amazing community.
    FIFA-Infinity proudly presents one of the best addons ever created for FIFA. CRLP (Complete Romanian League Patch) is a stunning addon which introduces the full Romanian League in your favorite game.
    The second volume of CRLP will bring the main features of the romanian championship in FIFA 11, plus many new key additions, in order to make sure your experience is unique. Embark on a 15 years Career and prove your manager skills in the second beat of the award-winning CRLP 11. Create a Virtual Pro or choose a real existing player from your favorite team and experience Be a Pro mode in a whole new dimension. Making a closer look to our key features, we are very pleased to confirm the following content in CRLP v2:
    • All 18 Liga 1 Bergenbier teams, all 32 Second League teams and all 12 Republica Moldova League teams are fully licensed, containing:
    - Up to date rosters
    - Home, Away & some 3rd and GK hi-res kits
    - High-Quality logos
    - Top notch mini's
    - Over 100 detailed player faces
    - Real club budgets
    - Accurate player skills
    - Real player heights, weights and birthdays
    • 40 teams from the 3rd Romanian League plus other 12 teams from the 4th Romanian League licensed:
    - Up to date rosters
    - Home & Away hi-res kits
    - High-Quality logos
    - Top notch mini's
    - Real club budgets
    • All Romanian & Moldovan Leagues featured in their specific (correct) format in Manager Mode, Tournament Mode and Be a Pro: Seasons
    • Both Romanian and Moldovan Cup & SuperCup present in Manager Mode
    NOTE: If you start your first Manager Mode Season with Steaua or Otelul, you will have to fight for the first trophy of the season, in the Romanian SuperCup Final. Win it, and get a morale boost for your players, because a very difficult season awaits them all.
    • Included EA's Winter Transfers Update
    • FIFA Club World Cup featured in your Manager Mode Career
    • Specific stadium real names and adboards, referees, team flags, scoreboards and official balls
    • Revamped Romania National Team
    • Many other key additions and touches added into the game that will take the patch quality to the next level

    Liga I ( 18 teams ): Astra Ploie?ti, Ceahl?ul Piatra Neam?, CFR Cluj, CS Mioveni, Concordia Chiajna, FC Bra?ov, FC Vaslui, Gaz Metan Media?, O?elul Gala?i, Pandurii Tg.Jiu, Rapid Bucure?ti, Petrolul Ploie?ti, Steaua Bucure?ti, U Cluj, FCM Târgu Mure?.
    Liga II, Seria I ( 16 teams ):
    1. S?geata N?vodari
    2. Delta Tulcea
    3. Dun?rea Gala?i
    4. CS Otopeni
    5. FC Boto?ani
    6. Viitorul Constan?a
    7. Astra II Giurgiu
    8. Gloria Buz?u
    9. FC Snagov
    10.Dinamo II Bucure?ti
    11.FC Farul Constan?a
    12.CF Br?ila
    13.Victoria Br?ne?ti
    14.ACSMU Politehnica Ia?i
    15.FCM Bac?u
    16.Callatis Mangalia
    Liga II, Seria II ( 16 teams ):
    1. FC Bihor Oradea
    2. ALRO Slatina
    3. CSM Râmnicu Vâlcea
    4. FC UTA Arad
    5. Arie?ul Turda
    6. Gaz Metan CFR Craiova
    7. Unirea Alba Iulia
    8. FC Arge? Pite?ti
    9. Mure?ul Deva
    10.FC Timi?oara
    11.Gloria Bistri?a
    12.Juventus Bucure?ti
    13.Chindia Târgovi?te
    14.CSM Slatina
    15.Luceaf?rul Oradea
    16.FC Maramure? Universitar Baia Mare
    Liga III, Seria Est ( 20 teams ):Aerostar Bac?u, ASC Bac?u, FCM Dorohoi, Cetatea Tg.Neam?, Chimia Brazi, Sporting Suceava, Conpet Ploie?ti, CS Buftea, CS Panciu, CSM Râmniicu S?rat, Dun?rea C?l?ra?i, FC Voluntari, Pheonix Ulmu, CSM Pa?cani, FCM One?ti, FCM Târgovi?te, Inter Clinceni, Petrotub Roman, Rapid CFR Suceava, Unirea Slobozia
    Liga III, Seria Vest ( 20 teams ):Autocatania Caransebe?, Avântul Reghin, Bihorul Beiu?, CSM Re?i?a, Damila Maciuca, Dun?rea Turris Turnu M?gurele, FC Maramure? Baia Mare, FC Caracal, FC Hunedoara, FC Zal?u, Gloria Arad, Jiul Rovinari, Oltchim Râmnicu Vâlcea, Piatra Olt FC, S?n?tatea Cluj,SCM Bra?ov,SESO Câmpia Turzii, Unirea Dej, Unirea Flore?ti, Olimpia Satu Mare
    Liga IV ( 12 teams ): AS Roma Boto?ani, Bradul Roznov, FCM Adjud, FCM Alexandria, Forex Bra?ov, Jiul Petro?ani, Liberty Salonta, AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc, Olt Scornice?ti, Progresul Bucure?ti, Rapid CFR Teiu?, Spicul T?m??eni
    Divizia Na?ional? ( 12 teams ): Academia UTM Chi?in?u, Dacia Chi?in?u, FC Costuleni, FC Tiraspol, Milsami Orhei, Iskra Stal, Olimpia B?l?i, Sfântul Gheorghe Suruceni, Sheriff Tiraspol, Zimbru Chi?in?, Rapid Ghidighici, Nistru Otaci
    Rest of the World ( 3 teams ): Digi Sport All Star Team, Dinamo Bender, G?g?uzia CF

    Total number of teams: 117

    Media Section

    Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

    razvane pune acolo sa se joace supercupa intre seaua si otelul

    [mod="Damien":3so5rl1v]WARNED!Next time read the rules and speak english![/mod:3so5rl1v]


      Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

      This thing was already done in the previous v1.2


        Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

        Originally posted by Merdiso
        This thing was already done in the previous v1.2
        but he wrote:if you start manager mode with cfr or unirea urziceni

        sorry for spoke in romanian


          Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

          It was a typo.


            Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

            Amazing patch guys! Looks really good.


              Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

              i'm not in the credits, butt that's not a problem... great patch, i'm going to use it in near future...


                Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

                Added you bro!Razvan forgot the credits list


                  Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

                  Originally posted by shoneroma
                  i'm not in the credits, butt that's not a problem... great patch, i'm going to use it in near future...
                  Actually it is not only you which isn't added, made the list in a hurry....I hope it ain't a big problem because without your help our patch wouldn't be finished by now.


                    Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

                    Can anyone help me? I have installed the 1.01 FIFA patch, deleted the FIFA 11 folder from MY DOc, however the CRLP 2.0 does not start. I mean I open it as admin, but it does not do anything. Any clues will help.


                      Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

                      FIFA doesn't start or the installer of CRLP?


                        Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

                        I have a problem i wonder if you can help me. I play with Farul Constanta and the home kit is white, the problem is that the number is also white so i don't see it. I tried modifying it wITH CREATION MASTER 11 but it crashed when i tried to play and every player in the game missed their name. how can i rectify this problem and also edit a player to my standards from CM11 or similar program. I await the reply. please help THANK'S


                          Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

                          Reinstall the patch and NEVER use CM 11.2 again, use this version and do your modifications:


                            Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

                            SIR you gained my respect. I did use CM 11.2 but i did everithing as you said and it's working perfect. Honestly i didn't know about this team of developers until yesterday when your patch was on a tracker, but from now on you are number one. Hope you'll make a patch for Fifa 12. thank's a milion

                            -- Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:33 pm --

                            Sorry for coming so soon but i have an issue that bug's me.

                            I created a player ib the game Fifa11 and then i tried to modify some caracteristics in CM 11 but i didn't find him. then i started making some modifications in CM11 and it didn't reflect in the game so i moved the Squads0 file from My documents/Fifa 11 and the modifications that i made appear in the game, but also that meant my created player will no longer be.

                            What should i do? create another player maybe this time it will appeare in CM11 or is there something else that i'm missing?

                            PS: im breating a player in the game becouse it has commentary name, and i don't know if cm11 has that option
                            Thanks and i await your reply.


                              Re: ..::Complete Romanian League Patch - Volume 2::..

                              salz ... cum fac sa mi se vada si mie Scoreboard Pack V.2 .... mi se vede doar jumatate ... ce rezolutie sa folosesc ? eu akum folosesc 1280x1024

                              *EDIT by moderator*
                              This is an english forum , so speak english and for questions about CRLP post here