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    I have a request if no one minds , does any one have the
    -FIFA 09- Editing tools for mods and patches , and if you do have the tools , kind of a bundlle will you bee so kind to upload them so i can download them cause i did not find it on web just for fifa 08 and 10 but not 09. I want to learn how to create mods , patches and updates for Fifa 09 , i started learning how to mod FIFA 08 and FIFA 10 , i have for both a bundlle pack and it kind of catches me , so i want to learn more . Oh and another thing if i create fifa 10 , 09 and 08 mods,patches and updates and if they work can i send them to you for uploading them on fifa infinity , is it posible ? Thank you verry much , sorry to bother you , but i just love this part of the web called fifa infinity , altough im 34 i feell just like my 9 years old son when i play retro fifa games.
    Have a great evening.
    All the best
    Barbos Radu - Ioan
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    Originally posted by Damien
    Will try to refresh the links so you can download all the tools, problem is you will need to wait as I need to find time to re-upload and update all the posts.
    If you want to share your mods in our download center you can do it by yourself, I could set up an uploader account for you, just let me know.
    Thank you Damien again for your help , as always you are mutch too kind , i apreciate it . And when you reupload the tools can you please place the links here to ? I will upload my work but since since i am steal learning it will take some time , and when something is done i will let you now to create me a upload account.
    By the way , when will the new scoarebords and popups will be ready for download,the download will be free for public or i will need to have account or to pay for them ?
    Have a great day
    all the best
    Barbos Radu - Ioan

    All the best Barbos Radu - Ioan
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      I understand that offcourse , i will waith.
      All the best , have a great day.


        Hello Damien an Merry Chrystmass , i want to ask you if by any chance you have the program "KIT DESIGN MASTER 08" and if you have can you give me a link ?
        Thank you and happy holydays !
        Barbos Radu Ioan !