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As promised, TOTAL CAMERA PATCH 1.0 by MONKEYDRAGON for FIFA 11 PC released today. One patch for 5 cameras (Broadcast, Tele, End to End, Dynamic 1, Dynamic 2). Check screenshots and Download to enjoy the new stuff.


This tool will patch 5 cameras (Broadcast, Tele, Dynamic 1, Dynamic 2, End To End) for FIFA 11.

(*) For Windows Vista/7 user, please SET RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

– Install to FIFA 11 PC folder
– Click on CAMERA PATCH icon on desktop to launch.

======HOW TO USE
1) Launch TOOL
2) Set FIFA 11 PC path (In case incorrect)
3) Choose APPLY or RESTORE

+ Not support APPLY individual camera.
+ DO NOT APPLY while game RUNNING.

+ Special thanks FIFA SOCCER RUSSIA for FIFAFS Series


About Damien

Founder of, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. Awesome as Always. Thanks MD!!!

  2. this is brilliant. thanks. now i can play it right

  3. ox sagol AZERBAIJAN dan mesaj yazirm ellerinize sagliq

  4. amazing patch
    amazing cam

    waiting graphic patch

  5. Will it mess with the online or LAN ?

  6. Online fine man 😉

  7. Well done guys, but this patch produce a little bit of lag…but good job

  8. the tele camera is very good … but i hope you edit angels for these camera like a tv match to show the goal like we see it in the pes 11 or lik a tv

  9. Any chance we can have a camera mod for the replays so that all or most of the replay cameras are the close up camera? I’m referring to the auto replays not the replay module.

  10. For some reason, when using this patch, the game crashes after a match. Anyone else getting this problem?

  11. 1:

    For some reason, when using this patch, the game crashes after a match. Anyone else getting this problem?

    Man, this is not tool’s bug. Everyone using crack or illegal game got this.

  12. Thanks.very useful.
    If possible, I want Dynamic V2 without sidline zoom version .
    Because around close sideline is too zoomed and cant see
    player forward.
    And steady horizontal line is needed too.

    But no matter how I think , you made great tools.
    Thanks again.

  13. Do you people think you can extract some files from the console version of World Cup Africa 2010 and create a patch with the world cup, with all of those wonderful stadiums, and those animations with the coaches?

  14. this camera patch is so great but when i have installed the new patch of fifa11 pc camera patch produce lagg there is some oen have the same problem

  15. Its compatybile with Fifa 11 patch 1.01??

  16. Hey! I really really think someone should update this to make it compatible with FIFA 11’s lastest update and patches such as Hybryd Gameplay, FIFA Regenerator, etc. This camera patch is outstanding!, but right now is impossible to use with the updates and stuff.

    Please MonkeyDragon, do something!!!

  17. ill have the 1.01 patch, so the total camera patch doesnt work.
    or can i play with it when i have patch 1.01?


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