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The Features That Make FIFA Games So Attractive

Football is one of the most popular sports of all time, so it’s no surprise that game developers were inspired by it to create several football franchises. Among the finest of ones we find FIFA, arguably one of the best ones around.

Although the EA Sports FIFA franchise switched to the new EA Sports FC brand, the tradition is far from over, as more new titles will get released. New players come and go, and developers get more creative with each title. Certain features make FIFA games stand out and appeal to players of all age.

In other words, these are the features that made the FIFA franchise remain at the top all these years and make players want to play it again and again:

Realistic Gameplay and Graphics

Gameplay and visuals are the two things most players go for when they decide to play FIFA games. The best thing about the franchise is that it always looks good. When you compare titles from back in the day to modern FIFA games, they look ridiculous, but they looked great as they were limited to the technology of their times.

Nowadays, all football titles must look amazing if they’re looking to survive on the market. Every title from the Top Strike Championship slot to a tennis game or any kind of video game really must look spotless. Modern FIFA games don’t disappoint when it comes to visuals. The players look like their real-life counterparts and behave like them when they score a goal or get a card. The gameplay is smooth and enables a great gaming experience.

Dynamic Career Modes

As mentioned before, developers get creative with FIFA titles, which is why they get career modes with lots of interesting features. The franchise allows players to assume the careers of players and managers. When you play as a manager you’re put in charge of the whole team. You’ll need to make crucial decisions for the entire team such as determining a formation, seeing players’ performances, and getting new players to fill old spots.

You will need to buy new players and making the right transfer can make or break a team. If that seems like too much for you, then you can take the role of a player. Moreover, you’ll get to create a character like in any RPG game and guide them through the highs and lows of a career. You’ll get to meet other stars of the team and have the chance to play with them on the pitch.

The Multiplayer Experience

FIFA games are some of the top titles in existence because of the multiplayer experience they offer. You can build an amazing team and test your mettle against other people’s team. These can be your friends, or any stranger looking to play against you online. By accepting such matches you’ll get to improve your team’s stats and skills and find the weakest links so you can work on them.

With an improved team, you can take on more challenges and rise to the top. In addition, you’ll meet lots of like-minded individuals that you can have fun with and build an online community.

Ultimate Team – FUT

Another great feature of FIFA games is the FUT. It’s a feature that allows any player to create their own dream team. They pick players from any era of football, so they can go back and bring top players from the 70s, 80s, and 90s to play against the giants of today. To do so, they’ll need to compete against other players and earn player cards which give them legendary players.

They can keep some and exchange others to create their favorite teams. Constant updates keep FUT fresh and engaging. Naturally, new players join the actual teams, and players find them in the FIFA universe.

To Wrap Up

The FIFA franchise is one of the best sports game franchises ever. It continues to improve itself with new titles each year. The visuals and gameplay contribute to the amazing gaming experience and so do the additional features. Players can create their dream teams and compete against each other for legendary players.

They can also become managers and try their luck at being players. With features like these, it’s evident that the FIFA franchise strives for greatness with each following game.

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