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EA Announces Reward Changes in FUT ahead of TOTS

With Team of the Season (TOTS) right around the corner, EA Sports revealed a few changes to the reward system in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (FUT 23).

The first TOTS squads to hit the packs will be the Community and Eredivisie TOTS set to be revealed this Friday, April 28th. Fans can still vote for the next TOTS releases on EA’s official website and have a say in what players they wish to pack if they get lucky, as many will get various pack rewards for playing games in FUT 23.

In fact, EA will update rewards across FUT Champions, Division Rivals & Squad Battles ahead of the TOTS campaign in FUT 23. During this major event players will be able to earn themed rewards including TOTS guarantees, TOTS FUT Champions Red Items, and TOTS Loan Player Items at select ranks across FUT Champions, Division Rivals & Squad Battles.

Let’s see in details how the reward system has changed.

FUT Champions TOTS Rewards

To kick things off, EA announced that players that usually play in the FUT Champions will have their FUT Champions Final event delayed until 8PM BST and extend the event by 48 hours throughout the TOTS campaign. This is just to make sure all players will be earning the latest TOTS rewards available in packs.

TOTS FUT Champions Red Items will return and they will have a special themed design that will include all TOTS and TOTS Moments that will be in packs during their respective release.

Moreover, EA Sports revealed that they will be granting players more FUT Champions qualification points to jump into the weekend Playoffs with a special set of Objectives.

Below, you can check the release schedule of each TOTS that will be available as rewards:


 Major TOTS League



Minor TOTS League



TOTS Week 



Champs Start Date



Rewards Available


Community TOTSEredivisie TOTS14/284/28
Premier League TOTSEredivisie TOTS25/55/5
Bundesliga TOTSEFL Combined TOTS35/125/12
LaLiga TOTSROSHN Saudi League TOTS45/195/19
Ligue 1 TOTSMLS TOTS55/265/26
Serie A TOTSSuper Lig TOTS66/26/2
Ultimate TOTSLiga Portugal TOTS76/96/9


Division Rivals TOTS Rewards

For those that prefer playing Division Rivals, EA announced an overhaul to the Milestone Rewards for Season 6 that will include TOTS themed rewards. Here’s how the rewards will be applied, based on a player’s division:

  • Divisions 5 – 10: Receive a range of TOTS loan rewards depending on the division and the Milestone Rank at the end of the Season 6. 
  • Divisions 4 & above: Will earn FUT Champions Red Items depending on the division and the Milestone Rank at the end of the Season 6.
  • Elite Division: In addition to Milestone Rewards, will also receive FUT Champions Red Player Picks (containg players from all released TOTS Squads) each week of the Rivals Season, replacing the TOTW loan Player Picks.

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Squad Battles TOTS Rewards

Furthermore, for those that prefer playing FUT offline via Squad Battles, there will be a rewards update as well.

Players that finish at Silver or higher can earn TOTS rewards that will increase as a player finished in higher ranks. More details on the exact rewards will be made available after the TOTS event starts.

Just like the FUT Champions schedule, EA revealed the Squad Battles rewards timeline for each individual TOTS squads:


 Major TOTS League



Minor TOTS League



TOTS Week 



Champs Start Date



Rewards Available


Community TOTSEredivisie TOTS14/305/7
Premier League TOTSEredivisie TOTS25/75/14
Bundesliga TOTSEFL Combined TOTS35/145/21
LaLiga TOTSROSHN Saudi League TOTS45/215/28
Ligue 1 TOTSMLS TOTS55/286/4
Serie A TOTSSuper Lig TOTS66/46/11
Ultimate TOTSLiga Portugal TOTS76/116/18


For the next seven weeks, fans will see TOTS promo takeover the game with a new batch of OP cards, themed SBCs, Objectives and Daily Login rewards.

Be sure not to miss the festivities and take part in the most celebrated FUT event.

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