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FIFA 18 Title Update #6 Released

PC players can now download the latest FIFA 18 title update via Origin while PS4 and XB1 players will receive the update later this week.

Here’s the changelog of the new update:


  • After kickoff, the defending team will be more compact in defense;
  • Their attacking players will be less aggressive in pushing up the field;
  • Their defensive players will close the space between them and their attacking players to reduce the gap and limit the attacking team’s space.
  • Addressed the issue when Goalkeepers unnecessarily clearing the ball when it was passed to them in certain situations.

Ultimate Team

  • The following changes have been made for all FUT Champions Weekend League matches:
    – All matches will now take place in the FeWC Stadium, with the Time Of Day always set on Night and Weather always set to clear.
    – The Pre-Match screens will no longer display which team is the Home team of Away team; instead, players will always see their team on the left side of the screen, with their opponent’s team displaying on the right side
    – You will no longer see your opponent’s kits in either gameplay or the Pre-Match screens; instead, you will see gameplay or the Pre-Match screens; instead, you will see your opponent wearing your unselected Active Kit.
    – For example, if you choose to play the match in your Home kit, you will see your opponent play the match in your Away kit.
    – The Kit Selection and Match Preview screens have been updated as a result of this change.
    – The Orbit Camera con now be used when watching FUT champions channel replays.
  • Addressed the following issues in FUT:
    – The player Fitness and Squad Fitness search filters on the FUT Transfer Market not returning the correct items.
    – The Player contract and Manager contract search filters on the FUT Transfer Market not returning the correct items.
    – The Specialities displayed for some inform players, in the Team Management screens of a FUT Online Match, were incorrect. (This was a visual bug only with no impact on gameplay)

Online Modes

  • Updated the colors used for the Connection Quality Bars in all online mods, including FUT. (5, 4 and 3 bars are green, 2 bars are yellow, 1 bar is red.)
  • Addressed the issue when a player’s Pro Clubs Virtual Pro having incorrect attributes if it was created when the player is not connected to the servers.


  • Updates to a number of kits.


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    Can you guys do a World Cup tournament mod with all National Teams and Group Stages, and add the option to select the national team you want? If you can do a video teaching how to start from the begnning, THANK YOU

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