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FIFA 15 Suggestions

Like last year, you can send us all your suggestions and ideas for FIFA 15 and we will forward them to the main EA Sports FIFA Series Producer! You can post anything from what you want to get improved to new features that you would like to see in the future FIFA title. Be sure to post your suggestions in this thread so we can keep track of them.

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  1. in virtual pro mode allowed two have two colors for your hair and able to do interviews

  2. improve cup celebrations

  3. The stadiums should be more atmospheric and there should be an outside aerial view of the stadium, like in the world cup game. Make the game more quicker, FIFA 14 was a slower game compared to 13. Poor counter-attacks in FIFA 14, so please work on that. Managers should have real faces. Commentator reactions to goals and the crowd noise in big games. Sliding tackles should cause shirts to get dirty, for injuries, bandages and stretchers should be added. All the world cup stadiums should be included. Improve player control, on ps3 there should be many formations for e.g Like Arsenal did vs Bayern Munich in 2014. Atmosphere, again should be awesome, the chants should be heard loud and clear. The fans should look real, there should be more commentary teams besides Matin Tyler and Alan Smith. More detailing in stadiums, and more views. Player announcers in stadiums, and then the fans say “Hai”, after every name is announced.
    Thank You,

  4. Please add the Japanese national team!

  5. – Gameface for all the create players.
    – New faces for: Real Sociedad, Atletic, Swansea, QPR… and simple teams.
    – Estadio do dragao, estadio da luz, anoeta…
    – Champions and UEFA.
    – All the teamates celebrating the goal.

  6. I would like more national teams. Like Japan and Nigeria current asian and African Champions respectively. Its really surprising that they are not in the game. Also the turkish and Ukrainian league should be introduced. There should also be more cinematics, for things like injuries,the players should be taken of with a stretcher, it would also be nice to see a substitute straight from th bench (in other words the bench should be visible during game play). I would like the players to have a bit more emotions shown on their faces. Then in the gameplay it would be better if the ratings of players where actually effective. For example, I have given a through pass to a player that has an acceleration of about 88 and speed of 86 and I am ahead of the defense but for some reason a player that has way less traits is some how able to catch up to me (cough happens a lot but personaly I think juventus is overrated cough)

  7. 1. Scan new faces for follwing teams –

    Manchester united – Jones , Smallings , Cleverly , Van Persie (white hair) , De gea , Luke Shaw , Carrick , Welbeck , Andres ,

    Arsenal – Ozil (much needed) , Ramsey , Szczesny ,

    Chelsea – Terry , Lampard , Courtis , Cole , Ivanovic , Torres , Schurrle
    Manchester City and Southampton – Lallana , Jay Rodriguez , Lambert ,Boruc , Schneiderllin , Bayern Munich , Hannover 96 , Montepiller , AS Monaco , Lazio , Napoli , Juventus , Inter , Roma , Atletic Club , Sevilla , Zenit , CSKA Moskva , Dynamo Moskva , SL Benfica , Porto
    2. Career Mode – Allow us to change kit Manufacturers and Sponsor after season fix transfer budget. ex – our transfer budget is $50,000,000we sell player and get $12.500.000 and new transfer budget is $62,799,999
    3. Turkish league
    4.Try to liscense UEFA

  8. Philippine national team should have in FIFA15 because some of its players playing in europe and the football in the country growing.

  9. Career mode like nba2k14 and can buy house like GTA

  10. i’d like the lower american leagues, and a real CONCACAF CL tournament

  11. Muhammed essam

    More Faces .. New Minifaces .. Egyptian League .. Real Goalkeeper moves .. Carrer mood Coach new subjects and new offers and real mangers

  12. I ask fifa if can it add all the nationals teams and please add Algeria if it giving a gdood performance in the world cup

  13. Algeria deserve to join in fifa 15 game she’s giving all she can so give it a chance,and please add it like a national team and thank you

  14. apoelultras1979

    Some suggestions for Career Mode only:
    1. You can choose your pre-season friendlies. If you haven’t got any new player in the club I predict that you just skip them as you get shitty teams to play,especially if you are not managing a top team. Frienldy tournaments like IRL would be more realistic and interesting and you could earn money if you win it. Also you could do infinitive numbers of substitutions in friendlies
    2. Team Training
    3. Managers could speak to the players like Pro Evolution where you can explain to them why they are not playing or they’ve been transfer listed.
    4. Fake transfer rumors could be maked and you could comment on them, and also on real transfer rumours.
    5. Stop the stupid comments after the matches like “many 50-50 decisions were taken against us” and add more options.
    6. Reserve and U-21 leagues so you can see your youngsters. You cannot play matches but you could see them.
    7. Other teams make you transfer bids offering players, not only money
    8. Tickets earnings
    9. Reset GTN (global transfer network) and bring back the overalls of all players
    10. New kits every season designe by you to make it more interest
    11. Players in FIFA 14 and other FIFAs do not accept reduce in their contracts, even if they are old or had a bad season or you have financial problems.
    12. Bring Financial Fair Play and punishments if you don’t obey the rules.

  15. apoelultras1979

    Also copy some PES’s ideas for career as a footballer and add referee mode by begining in less prestigious leagues and if you are good you advance

  16. include Nepal pls? (:

  17. I would Rate the quality of an opponents goal. E.g playing Seasons and my online opponent scores a Fabulous goal. Can I press R1 and give it 5 stars while his players are celebrating

  18. I think more international teams are needed. Even small international teams like san marino, Honduras and iran or atleast put all the 32 world cup teams in the game. I also think there has to be an arcade career mode, where teams with small budgets can buy good players, I understand it isnt as realistic but thats why it has to be a different sort of career mode e.g. arcade mode. Also put licensed international tournaments in tournament mode. And finally put overalls of players back in career mode.

  19. Also womens football teams club and national

  20. please make audience in the ground realistic and allow to make your manager face and in half manager talk in manager room and he can talk to player and players can answer him it would be the great please

  21. in player career mode you have show his debut for player which is more than 85 overall and he show some some trick than play his debut game and in conference room player can say a words to

  22. I am suggesting that after every match the National Anthem of the willing be played . I think this will bring more excitement to the games.

  23. winning team

  24. the champions league must be added without the use of the patch and more african teams must be added and also african and more Asian leagues

  25. add other top country teams like algeria which have been in both the last world cups

  26. When you ‘time-waste’ with a goalkeeper, the ref. should issue a yellow card instead of the keeper automatically kick the ball.

  27. ivory coast should be eliminated in the game and nigeria and morroco should be in the game

  28. there should be a world cup tournament already set up and we should be playing in one staduim

  29. No just like the one in fifa 12

  30. Concacaf nationals teams should be added for example El Salvador national team

  31. In ultimate team people with bad teams can sometimes easily beat someone with a great team and the game play of ultimate team sucks compared to normal online gameplay

  32. Spectator Mode ! #Pleaseee.

  33. Victor Villaplana

    add costa rica! I dont understand why you guys still haven’t updated fifa and added all the teams that are in the world cup like costa rica. that country is in the quarter finals and still no upgrade! So please put costa rica in the new fifa 15 and upgrade the fifa 14 too because if you guys put colombia and peru in the game and still have peru even though they didn’t make it to the world cup which is stupid on how you guys still didn’t add costa rica in the game.

  34. More national teams, especially algeria. Makes no sense how they’re not on FIFA as they are the strongest african team

  35. kits should get dirty while playing specially while slide tackles

  36. there should be mistakes made by referees like wrong offside calls etc to make the game more Dramatic

  37. Uefa champion league should be introduced

  38. and real press conferences should be held showing the players and the coaches talking to the press

  39. we should be able to make fouls like we should be able to pull other players dress and look angrily at them

  40. some pitches should wear down or become bad as game progresses in rainy days

  41. Tricolor Pal Mundial

    I think Career mode should be improved also the ability to actually trade players that wouldnt really be traded in real life like messi or ronaldo etc.

    Also on how you can pick your own national team to coach not just waiting for national teams to call. Even though it is more realistic its better to choose the team you want.

    Faces and graphics should be improved

    More Teams should be there Japan, China, & other important national teams

    Latin American national team licenses aswell like colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador Costa Rica, Honduras, Salvador etc

    South American Leagues, Ecuador Serie A, Peru Liga movistar, Uruguay league, Bolivia etc.

    Improvements to current leagues like Liga Postobon Colombia Add the B league Torneo Postobon to play as America De Cali, Deportivo Pereira, Cucuta etc
    Please add Colombian stadiums like Pascual Guerrero, Palmaseca, Roberto Melendez, El Campin, Hernan Ramirez Villegas, & Atanasio Girardot etc.

    Copa Libertadores, Sudamericana, Uefa Champs League & Europa League All should be included as well as the Fifa club world cup, World cup & All other tournaments by Fifa like Copa America, Gold Cup, AFC Cup, etc – I mean its called FIFA it should be about what the org. represents overall in soccer.

    Fans want to have those options available to know that each version will have something interesting and worth buying. Please do not do like the wii versions in which fifa 11 12 & 13 were exactly the same except different kits.

    Online play should always be a must have and it should be open for about 2-3 yrs at least

    For pc versions please create something to disable the origin thing once you start the game unless you want to play online we dont need origin poping up all the time we wanna play the game its superrr annoying and just delays the gameplay.

    Soundtracks are alwys awesome but create a spanish/ hispanic section aswell or at least an upload section for us fans to upload our music jams on mp3 and enjoy our tunes while playing fifa etc =D

  42. add algeria and turkish league

  43. Changing workrates. !

  44. Lucas Theunisse

    In my opinion their should be more African nations in Fifa 15. They already got the players (playing in Ligue 1/ Premier League) So it shouldn’t be a real problem to add some of the major African nations. For example:
    – Nigeria
    – Morocco
    – Senegal
    – Ghana
    – Algeria
    It seems like Copa Libertadores will be in the game, that’s obviously a massive step forward.
    It would also be great to see Ukrainian, Chinese, Qatari and Turkish competitions in Fifa 15.

  45. Lucas Theunisse

    And Romanian league too

  46. Ämír ŔîDzwán

    Even Pablo Aimar Play Here ,

  47. You should Add Armenian National team. They have good players and always fun to watch.

  48. Costa Rica has got to be included in this else it just won’t make sense.

  49. Career Mode

    – Reserve Team/U21 for the youth academy players and the assistant manager give the manager list of players who should consider giving them a chance in the first team.

    – Team Sponsorship
    I usually start with a small team and It’s really hard to buy players with their small budget. So, The team should get an offer from a new sponsor if they start doing well in their league. Therefore, getting enough money to bolster the team. It shouldn’t be real sponsors. also it will change the shirt sponsor.

    – Editing The Team Kit
    Being able to change the team’s kit every season. Giving us full control on how the team’s kit should look like. Just like the ‘editing player option.’ except it’s allowed between seasons or at the end of the season.

    – Players stats
    Improving players stats. along with the seasonally players stats, I think there should be an ‘All-Time Stats’ or something like that showing how much a player played and scored his entire career.

    – Customize the manager
    Being able to customize your manager like you would in player mode. Age, skin tone, clothing, etc

    – More than 15 seasons. 15 seasons isn’t enough.

  50. Turkish league, better defensive ai, much much better career mode.

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