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FIFA 15 Suggestions

Like last year, you can send us all your suggestions and ideas for FIFA 15 and we will forward them to the main EA Sports FIFA Series Producer! You can post anything from what you want to get improved to new features that you would like to see in the future FIFA title. Be sure to post your suggestions in this thread so we can keep track of them.

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  1. I really want to be able to play pro clubs and coop with a friend on the same xbox against online opponents

  2. Also pleeeeease add Daniel Sturridge’s real celebration into the game. The ride the wave celebration wasn’t the same

  3. Hey, I was wondering if in the manager career game mode if you could change the teams jersey for the next season and add a different variety of oculars and style. And i also think that you should add sport company contracts such as Nike. Adiddas and Puma. And as the countries ask for you to be their manager they could ask for sponsorships and you could put the sponsors on the new jersey. i believe you would get tons more players.

    Oh and also instead of the be a play and be a goalkeeper, i hope you will include whole squad training sessions in Manager game mode and the players can improve in these training sessions.

    I know i mentioned this before but sponsors, ive talked to a bunch of people about this and they thought it was a great idea. If you were a player and your form goes up you get more sponsors and new deals. and as a manager you an get your team sponsors and you earn more transfer money.

    Another thing that would be quite handy would be the transfer list view, some people have complained that it is hard to find what your looking for so i reccomend that since the players have form activity and they get better ir worse i reccomend that you add a top form view.

    Next i would like to add the lack of things to do in the play career mode, since we earn money we could use the money for a variety of things, instead of just unlocking boots how about buying them with the money we earn from our contracts .

    And in manager career why not add a function to expand stadias so if a player manages to boost a league 2 team to the premier league they dont have a scrappy looking stadium.

    Oh and i and my friends were discussing about having a new celebration called the turnup when the whole team would turn up and a celebration called the sturrigde and the nae nae.

    And lastly I’ve been thinking about choosing who your pre season friendly is against and organising pre season tours as a manager.


  5. Argyris gabriel 1994

    Guys you should really consider of adding APOEL Nicosia Fc (Cyprus League) at the Rest of the World……i mean the team has risen up to a huge star, considering that the qualified to Group stage of UCL before 4 years at Quarter-finals of UCL before 2 years, at Europa League Group stage last year and this year has already qualified and will take part in UCL and who knows where they will get?…… Really is a shame not to have that team in FIFA game….

  6. So I love sports games, but also business/money management games as well. First of all, I want to be able to change kits and have teams randomly do so throughout career. You don’t have to, but at the end of each season a tab pops up saying “design new kits” and you have several patterns. You have to have certain colors for your home kit (Chelsea’s home kits can’t be red, have to have blue, etc.) but you choose the design and which part of the design the different colors make up. Away or third kits can be any color. Maybe they could even make up sponsors (or real ones too) that you get offers from where they give you offers to be on your jersey or to make your jerseys (Adidas, Nike, etc.)

    Now the business end. I’m not asking for anything spectacular here (if I have to choose I want kits). Maybe have a few merchandise/ticket/food items that you can adjust prices for that add to your budget or transfer revenue or whatever its called. Bigger teams obviously will make more money here but this way your performance isn’t the only way of making money. What do you all think?

  7. Ghana should be added to the international countries

  8. Because of this new fut loan thing, an option to be able to loan you career pro into your ultimate team would be cool through the fcc

  9. It’s good that improvements are being made to the gameplay on fifa 15 because fifa 14 on ps4 was very boring in terms of attacking play, too much focus was on defensive play. Career mode in fifa 14 was a disappointment, so much so that I traded in fifa 14 for another game on my ps4. Fifa 15 needs to make it so player stats like finishing, stamina, dribbling etc… increase dramatically depending on their performance in the season, if I use a player to score a lot of goals, their stats should reflect this, it shouldn’t matter how they are rated in real life, anybody who knows football knows any player can improve if they’re still young, look at Gareth Bale for example, nobody knew he would be what he is, Thierry Henry same thing, player development should stop being capped. Virtual pro gameface players on career mode shouldn’t improve only based on achievements, they should improve in the same way I just suggested. It’s only logical because I remember on fifa 2007, Adebayor was rubbish, on fifa 2008 after he had a good season at arsenal, his stats increased dramatically, the difference is only one season, I don’t see why this can’t happen in career mode.


  11. Arabic Commentary and I dont mean the one word commentaries, i mean conversational and ecstatic commentary just like the English one.

  12. levi phil

  13. I hardly play free kicks,corners or even penalties in my ”be a pro” career.
    I think they should add training sessions to the game.
    during the training session, whoever scores the most from free kicks, penalties or does the most assist from corners gets to take that role for the whole month.

  14. I think this should be added to the game because getting goals from free kicks, penalties or getting assists from corners is among the ”accomplishments” to improve your player

  15. With fifa 15 having friends in online league would there b a way of spectacular mode while u wait for ur turn and to watch ur friends against each other until u play one of them. Also with the phone app if u sell someone on the transfer market u could have the noise of money dropping like on ebay to give u a notification that u sold someone. Because I’m always looking I there to see if someone sold

  16. also, I think the wage which you get in ”be a pro” should be used to buy boots, tapes, wrist bands, ”cars” and ”houses”.
    I don’t really like the idea of unlocking them

  17. now don’t get me wrong about the cars and houses.
    just imagine a club in france making a bid for you.
    and u have to buy a house there before u can accept the transfer.

  18. and the cars? you can’t really ride it. its just to show off.
    like just looking at it in 3D. that’s all

  19. lastly, I come to celebrations.
    I think that when u score your 100th or 200th goal ”be a pro” u should have a default celebration(raising up his shirt with an inner shirt saying 100 or 200).or maybe we can move to the balotelli celebration that says ”why always me”

  20. being able to:
    1. create kits in manager mode
    2. change sponsors in manager mode
    3. select clubs to play in friendly matches and also the number of subs
    4. select agents in ”be a pro”
    5. create a club
    6. win best goal or best European player in career mode
    7. come in as a sub in ”be a pro”

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