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FIFA 15 News Roundup #37

A FIFA 15 PC-only title update was released earlier this week by EA Sports which described the patch content as follows:

“This is a small update that addresses stability issues in FIFA Ultimate Team discovered after the previous title update.”

EA also stated that more updates will be released in the near future to improve our gaming experience and fix the known issues of the game.

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EA Sports FIFA’s most popular game mode FIFA Ultimate Team turned 6 years this week! To celebrate this milestone EA organized a special week full of unique events until March 29:

  • FREE packs – As a thank you for your support, we’ll be giving every FUT fan one free pack every day!
  • FUT Birthday Cup – play at least one match in the FUT Birthday Cup for a chance to win rare tradable In-Forms from previous Team of Weeks! (Winners will be chosen at later date.) – Full tournament description available below.
  • Special pack offers – new pack offers will be available every day! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest offers.
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As you could read above, in case of winning a match in this tournament you could get a rare tradable IF in your club! There will be 1000 random winners each day until the special anniversary event ends on March 29! To participate in this particular tournament please check the requirements:

FUT Birthday Cup
Squad Requirements: 5 Star team with 100 Chemistry
Rewards: Online – 15.000 coins + 1 Rare Player Pack (untradeable) | Offline – 7000 coins + 1 Rare Player Pack (untradeable)
Offline Difficulty: World Class

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Following the massive changes in FIFA Ultimate Team the past few weeks, EA Sports published an open letter addressed to all FIFA 15 fans regarding the reasons behind these updates and changes and we invite you to read it:

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) should be fair and fun for every player. That’s why we have implemented a lot of changes to FUT in the past several weeks, including our decision to make the Transfer Market inaccessible via the Web and Companion App, and the introduction of Price Ranges within the Transfer Market.

What are we trying to achieve with these changes? It’s simple – we want to keep the game fair and secure for everyone, and ensure a level playing field for all FUT fans. To accomplish this we have to root out the activities of coin farmers and cheaters who are harming your experience with the game. These exploiters generate coins illegitimately in the FUT economy through the use of bots and phishing scams, creating a flood of fraudulent in-game currency and driving up the cost of players on the Transfer Market. This inflation fundamentally damages the economy, making top players unattainable for the vast majority of FUT fans who are not exploiting the system and who simply want to play the right way.

Since implementing these changes, we’re seeing positive signs of restoring balance to the FUT economy and mitigating some of the negative effects of exploitation within the game.

We’re also delivering on our responsibility to provide you with a safe place to play. We continue to invest in security tools, and promise to continue to find the right ways to fend off coin sellers and farmers who are hurting the game. We imposed a daily limit on matches, which has also had a positive effect in stopping coin farmers from generating illegitimate coins. But we have more work to do.

The game is fun when everyone is playing by the same rules, and all of the changes we’ve been making are designed to bring harmful activities to a halt and bring fun and fairness back to FUT – playing matches, squad building, Transfer Market trading, and making decisions with pack items.

Here’s an update on the next actions we are taking and considering including new changes to Price Ranges, as well as the status of the Web and Companion Apps.

Price Ranges

Since the introduction of Price Ranges, we’ve already made more than 650 adjustments to player pricing, with a focus on the highest value players available in the FUT economy. The introduction of Price Ranges has helped restrict illegitimate coin transfers on the FUT Transfer Market, and balance player item prices so they reflect the current marketplace, but finding that right balance will take some time – we have a team dedicated to finding that balance.

Last Wednesday, we made another important change that will bring better trading balance and fairness to the Transfer Market. We’ve introduced unique Price Ranges on each platform (Xbox, PlayStation, and PC) to reflect the values and dynamics in those unique economies. This will bring minimum and maximum prices better in line with the perceived value within those economies, and make transfers fairer and more enjoyable for all FUT players.

The Web and Companion Apps

We removed access to the Transfer Market from the Web and Companion Apps for maintenance on February 13, for reasons including the urgent need to cut off the fraudulent activity that’s been occurring on those Apps. These Apps became one of the main methods for coin sellers and farmers use to move coins quickly through the FUT economy. By closing Transfer Market access from the Apps our goal was to:

  1. Slow down coin selling transactions in order to bring stability to FUT item prices.
  2. Locate and ban coin seller accounts.
  3. Increase the security and stability of the Apps.

You have been asking – when will Web and Companion Apps access to Transfer Market be restored? We want to do this as quickly as possible, and we are working as hard as we can to bring them back for everyone to use…but we can’t do that until we’ve made them secure and more stable.

We also have more changes coming to make things better: better coin rewards for participating in featured FUT Tournaments, more great promotions and special content in FUT, and more security changes to cut off the exploits.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and stay tuned for more updates. We’re committed to keeping the updates coming, and committed to continually making changes to better the game.


They also compiled a list of the most common questions from the fans with their answers in this FAQ:


Where are the benefits of Price Ranges?
Price Ranges prevent player prices from artificially inflating in price due to illegitimate activity, which limits your ability to build your Ultimate Team. In addition, as Price Ranges are balanced, they will give FUT fans a better understanding of the approximate value of their items. Over time, this will help return the Transfer Market to a level that’s fairer for everyone and eliminate excessively high player prices due to fraudulent coins in the market.

Why did you decide to implement Price Ranges in the middle of FUT 15?
The inflation of player prices (due to increased levels of fraudulent coins in the market) had to be addressed as soon as possible. The benefits, including a balanced market and attainable player prices, are the positives of making this change for FUT 15.

Why do you need to have a minimum on price range?
Removing the minimum range would open Price Ranges to the movement of fraudulent coin selling transfers. Coin sellers are looking to use certain players with market values much lower than their maximum range in order to transfer set amounts of coins. We understand that the minimum price range has been a frustration for many of you, but it’s a necessary part of eliminating coin selling in FUT. We’ll continue to adjust Price Ranges for players in order to find the right balance for the Transfer Market.

Why can’t I find players on the Transfer Market?
At first, all Price Ranges were identical across all platforms for most players. This caused the upper range to be lower than the perceived market value for certain players on some platforms. You couldn’t find certain players because other FUT fans didn’t think the Price Range matched that player’s value on that console platform – and so did not choose to sell. Now we are setting different price ranges per platform starting with a selection of high-rated players – this will address your concerns on value.

Why is it so hard to sell players on the Transfer Market?
Since Price Ranges were initially the same across all platforms, they didn’t always match the perceived value on that particular platform. The lower end of the player price range was higher than the perceived market value for certain players on some platforms, so FUT fans thought that player was only worth the value of the minimum range, causing fans to hesitate when deciding to bid. However, we’ve now started to set different ranges per platform for certain high value players. One thing to remember is that these players are still selling and the market is active, but there is less demand at some of the prices set. As we watch how things unfold on the Transfer Market and we see a player is consistently selling at its lower range, we will move the range down so more FUT fans are able to sell their players.

How am I going to make coins through trading now?
We will always keep Price Ranges wide enough to allow all fans to gain more coins by trading on the Transfer Market.

Why don’t you lower the price ranges on players? A lot of players aren’t selling at the moment.
We’ve already adjusted Price Ranges for certain players, and also set different ranges per platform. We’ll continue adjust these ranges based on the market and on your feedback throughout the year.

What about events like St. Patrick’s Day that we just had? Will you raise player ranges for specific players around those types of events?
Price Ranges reflect real market data. We don’t plan on changing Price Ranges in anticipation of events, such as changing ranges for Irish players in anticipation of the St. Patrick’s Day tournament, but will continue to adjust ranges based on general market activity.

Why don’t you just sell coins yourselves in place of FIFA Points?
Selling coins directly to fans contradicts the core principles of FIFA Ultimate Team. The game is designed to reward progress by playing the game the right way through matches, squad building, Transfer Market trading, and making decisions with pack items. FUT fans understand the enjoyment of making decisions on route to building their Ultimate Team. Fans that want to accelerate their progress, can do so by opening packs with FIFA Points or earned coins. The choice has always been up to you and that’s part of the fun.

As coin selling became more prevalent, it created an illegitimate shortcut, and people may have forgotten that the game isn’t meant to instantly give you the best items or players. It’s about progression. It’s about chasing the win. It’s about managing your squads and making decisions.

Did you introduce Price Ranges just to ensure EA makes money?
Price Ranges were implemented to benefit of the entire community. EA has no plans to sell coins directly to players, and we believe the game benefits when the playing field is level for all and progress is achieved through playing matches, squad building, Transfer Market trading and making decisions with pack items.

What have you done to stop exploiters from farming coins?
Many of the tactics we implement against coin farming happen in the background and aren’t always clearly visible to the FUT community. Throughout the year, we’ve implemented many new security changes to battle coin farming and selling. The latest example is the daily match limit we implemented that prevents one of the major methods of coin farming. We also ban thousands of coin selling and farming accounts on a weekly basis. You may have also noticed a significant decrease in fake accounts that impersonate our EA SPORTS FIFA Twitter. We’ve recently implemented a new process to delete thousands of these malicious accounts that impersonate EA and attempt to phish for account info.

Why don’t you increase the amount of coin rewards per game?
Our focus is on balancing and stabilizing the economy so that current coin rewards maintain their intended value. Increasing coin rewards for matches would only continue the imbalance and instability of the FUT economy. However, we’re currently exploring new FUT promotions and content ideas while keeping the game balanced. We will also offer featured in-game tournaments with bigger rewards.

How do you determine price ranges per player?
We’re reviewing data such as average sale price and the percentage of items sold (out of all such items listed) to assist us in deciding whether or not to increase or decrease price ranges. New player releases such as TOTW are based on historical data, the player’s desirability, and similar players. The ranges for new player releases are left a bit wider for prices to settle, and will continue to be adjusted as the average sale price of an item changes.


As promised, EA are constantly updating the Price Ranges in FUT and you can check the last batch of adjustments right here.

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With those free packs from the 6 Years Anniversary event you can snatch the next IF’s from packs if you’re lucky enough:

Starting XI
GK: Roman Bürki, SC Freiburg – 74->77
RB: Coke, Sevilla FC – 78->80
CB: Gerard Piqué, FC Barcelona – 84->85
CB (RB): Rod Fanni, Marseille – 74->74
CAM (CM): João Moutinho, AS Monaco – 83->84
CAM: Alexandru Maxim, VfB Stuttgart- 77->79
CM (CDM): Fernando, Manchester City – 79->80
RM (CAM): Juan Mata, Manchester United – 85->86
CF: Raffael, Borussia Mönchengladbach – 80->81
ST: Olivier Giroud, Arsenal – 79->81
ST: Zlatan Ibrahimović , Paris Saint-Germain FC – 90->92

GK: Marcus Bettinelli, Fulham – 64->64
CB: Jim Larsen, FC Midtjylland – 69->72
CAM: Riccardo Saponara, Empoli – 72->73
RM: Lionel Ainsworth, Motherwell – 68->71
ST: Anass Achahbar, Feyenoord – 64->64
ST (RW): Moussa Konaté, FC Sion (FC Krasnodar) – 66->70
ST: Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur – 77->79

These in-form players will be available in packs from 25th March 6:00PM – 5:45PM 1st April. You can view the team more detailed at FUTHead or FUTWiz.
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Starting today, English legend Alan Shearer is available in FUT 15 on Xbox consoles! The card looks amazing with that 90 shooting stat:
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Thanks for checking out the news post! See you next time folks!


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