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FIFA 15 Demo (Tips & Bug Fixes Available)

FIFA 15 Demo is now available for download on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC platforms!

Demo Features

Two Game Modes: Kick-Off (+Match Day) and Ultimate Team (+ Tutorial)

Gameplay: 3-minutes halves

Eight Club Teams: Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli, PSG, Boca Juniors

One Stadium: Anfield

Demo rosters accurate as of August 1.

PC Demo

Open Origin, go to Store > Free Games > Demos and select FIFA 15 Demo for download!

XBOX One Demo

XBOX 360 Demo

PS3 Demo

PS4 Demo

Tips & Bug Fixes for FIFA 15 PC Demo

– Be sure to check out the FIFA 15 PC specs before running the demo!

– Check and update your graphic card drivers: nVidiaAMD/ATI.

– If you experience lag use D3DOverrider and enable/force tripple buffering and vsync on FIFA 15 Demo exe.

– Update your Direct X version if you encounter a crash related to it! Go here to find out how.

– If you controller buttons don’t work properly try to download these Xbox360 controller files and put them in your main FIFA 15 Demo folder.

– For those with .NET Framework error please install the latest edition of it for Win 7 or 8 from here.

– Your graphic card must support Dirext X 11 in order to run the demo!

– To fix the FIFA 15 Demo EA logo lag disable Origin in-game (Right-click on FIFA 15 in Origin library> Properties > Disable Origin In-Game)

– If you get the following message while installing the demo, “VC++ runtime redistributable package was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue.”, go to Origin Games\FIFA 15 DEMO\__Installer\vc\vc2012Update3\redist and run the vcredist_x64.exe. You can return to your Origin library and install the demo.

– If you still have the .Net Framework error try to install this Repair Tool for it and run it!

– If the game crashes at the language page you need to re-install Windows Media Player! Tutorial here. The intro can’t run without WMP, so the game crashes.

– FIFA 15 is currently unable to support special characters (such as àéñõü). If your PC name (or your Windows username) contains at least one of these characters, it will cause FIFA 15 to crash. We suggest you to rename your PC name or your Windows user name by following these two solutions.

– Still can’t start the game? Go to Documents and create the FIFA 15 Demo folder and add these 2 files in it. You can tweak your own settings in the fifasetup.ini! Another solution is to create a Documents folder in your /C disk and target the files there. (Go to original documents folder, right-click, properties, target and select the new documents folder which you created in disk /C ).

– If your graphic card is weak for the demo to start, download and run dxcpl.exe , go to Edit List…, add the fifa15demo.exe and fifaconfig.exe and click ok, set 11_0 at Feature Level Limit and tick Force WARP, click apply and ok. Note that the game will run very very slow!

– You can play in Practice Arena with any players in the demo if you follow the instructions in this thread.

– Make profiles for the demo on both nVidia and ATI graphic cards! For nVidia go to your graphic card control panel (right-click on desktop), go to Manage 3D Settings,Program Settings and add the FIFA 15 demo exe. For ATI download RadeonPro and make a profile with the FIFA 15 demo. If you experience heavy lag you can tweak settings on both profiles until you reach an optimal configuration for the demo to run smooth!

– If you get the 0xc000007b error download and copy these dll files in your Windows\System32 folder.

– If you have two graphic cards in your computer and the game won’t start please follow the next steps: 1) Run your graphic card control panel and add/make profiles for fifaconfig.exe and fifa15_demo.exe! 2) Run regedit (Click on Start Menu and type regedit in the search box), now change value from 1 to 0 in these two keys:



– 16:10 monitor owners can fix the black bars bug by following this guide.

Tips & Bug Fixes for FIFA 15 Xbox One & 360 Demo

Tips & Bug Fixes for FIFA 15 PS3 & PS4 Demo

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  1. The only problem I and many others have is that you can’t change the controls! I am not saying that it lags or anything. Too be honest it run smooth as if it’s one of the old FIFA games.

  2. Email me I have solutions
    [email protected]

  3. !!! what should i do ?

  4. gosh, this is a fucking demo, its just to see if ur pc can handle the game, which it obviously can .. of course u can change and save ur controls in the full game, this is pretty much a benchmark test like they’ve said ..

  5. When i open fifa15_demo all i got is “FIFA Launcher has stopped working” and the description is “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.” and the only option i got is “Close the program”

  6. OKay it runs smoothly for 1-2 mins then i face a bit of Lag. Any solution?

  7. AMD Radeon HD 8750D new drivers installed..?
    And too hot is not an option either cause i tried running the game when my pc was freshly turned on

  8. AMD Radeon HD 8570D New drivers installed and pc freshly started so overheat can’t be the problem either..

  9. Just buy a fucking wired xbox controller dude

  10. If you have played fifa 14 and have your own controls then
    go to documents>FIFA14> Copy the buttondatasetup.ini>paste it in
    documents>FIFA15>Replace>right click on it> properties > tick “Read only”>apply>ok

    start the demo… open the controller> choose keyboard only> choose alternative

    now if you press esc to go back the game crashes…
    to fix this …. change any control …. press esc …. and discard changes…. now you can play with fifa 14 controls on fifa 15

    The solution for me was to set BOTH fifaconfig.exe and fifa15_demo.exe to use my NVIDIA graphics card (DX11 suitable).

    – Go to NVIDIA panel (usually right-click your dektop) > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings.
    – In (1.) browse for each file (mine were in C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesFIFA 15 DEMO and C:…fifasetup);
    – In (2.) Select your NVIDIA graphics card.

    Don’t forget to apply the new settings.
    Good luck!

  12. any help with registry ?? origin says that the game isnt installed

  13. “Then I added a profile for the demo in my Graphics card properties and checked Vsync ON from there”

    Hi how do you do this?

  14. You are great man thanks a lot

  15. my game keeps sluttering what to do ?

  16. The game crash as soon as i click the start button.
    I already did all the fixes but nothing helps. :'(

  17. how do i fix this problem?
    i just instal this demo from origin
    somebody help me..

  18. my fifa 15 demo is laging i have 6gb ram 560 ti ds card and core 2 due…

  19. My game is crashing after I do the first step..I don’t get your last step how can I change control before crashing?

  20. i have the same problem do you find i solution

  21. Yeah sad start for keyboard players :/

  22. I agree with yogi pls be clear with your last step

  23. Can i play on:
    Intel Pemtium 2.80 Ghz (Dual core)
    2.50 GB ra, DDR2
    GeForce 210? pls fast…

  24. try updating your graphics driver and give it full access from your anti-virus.

  25. re-install the game… it probably didnt download properly

  26. Can i play it : Intel i7 4500U 1.80 Ghz ~ 2.40 Ghz
    Nvidia geforce GT 745m 4Gb dedicated
    RAM 8Gb

  27. what the fuck is this
    how to solve this problem???
    help me please

  28. Shit port is shit lul. My GTX 690 cant even run a cutscene. Bravo, stay on consoles.

  29. The bug fix “Xbox360 controller files” doesn’t work with Fifa 15 Demo…
    The “XInputTest” shows everything right…all buttons are working fine.
    The game doesn’t accept this (old!?) solution (using Speedlink XEOX)…
    I think, this is caused by the (new) 64-bit engine in Fifa 15…!?
    Any solutions!?!?

  30. After copying and pasting.. start the demo….kick off…. keep on going until the play match screen comes up….

    there you will have four options…
    1 play match
    2 team management
    3 game settings
    4 controller

    go to the controller options …… choose keyboard only ….. press e…. choose alternate controls……dont change anything …

    now if you press esc at this moment to play the match … your game will crash…..
    to prevent this…… at controller screen … change a control…for ex the original through pass button is k….change it to any button like c……

    now if you press esc …. it will show you three options
    1 temporary configuration
    2 discard changes
    3 cancel

    press discard changes …. you will be back at play match screen…… now you just have to play…..

  31. In the controller options there is no way to choose keyboard only, how did you mange to do this? when I try to change it in other menus the game crashes

  32. change controller settings to

    4 shoot

    1 pass

    3 cross

    2 through ball

    5 player run

    6 pace control

    7 sprint

    8 finesse shot modifier

    4 tackle push

    1 contain

    3 sliding tackle

    2 push gk

    5 change player

    6 jockey

    7 sprint

    8 teammate
    and enjoy the game

  33. If you use Nvidia, right click on your desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel, Manage 3D Settings, and search and add the demo .exe file. Then scroll down the list and find the Vsync entry.

  34. What are you saying…. the first option in the controller settings is choosing between keyboard and keyboard+mouse..!!

  35. Have you tried to start the game with more than 2 controllers pluged in? i cant get to language selection, the games freezes there and i have to start task manager and then application closes.

  36. why im getting this

  37. when i download the fifa 15 it working very good when i copy the fifa 15 demo from D and paste it to local disk E and i delete the game from D folder when the copying system of fifa 15 done in E folder then i open the game the game occurs that the ERROR LAUNCHING GAME tell the solution fast plzzz


  39. keyboard setting are all mixed up, cant be editted. way to go fifa

  40. Soumya Chakraborty

    i dose nt select my grapics card
    plz help me plz i am reqest to you plz frnd help me i dosent ply this game

  41. hi ,I had windows 7 32 bit ,but I changed it recently with windows 7 64 bit to make fifa running . After I installed the new windows and the required drivers ,the game run perfect but in the last days the windows made a lot of updates and now the game has a big lag . I don’t know if this is the cause of the problem . I reinstalled the fifa 15 demo but the problem still persists . What should I do ?

  42. I have also fifa 14 and it works perfectly ,but fifa 15 doesn’t .

  43. the game doesn’t start if i connect 4 controllers! please help!

  44. how do i get alternate controls? the game switches back to classic after i discard changes

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