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.:: Sunday Web Roundup ::.

Today it’s Sunday and you know what that means right?Yep,it’s time for the Sunday Web Roundup!




.:: Sweat Patch V.1 FIFA 12 by 2pi ::.

.:: Real Grass Mod by 2pi ::.

.:: FIFA 12 LOD by 2pi ::.

.:: Russian Premier League Popups by FifaMan017::.

.:: Lazio Roma Kitpack 2011/2012 by SGD Fan ::.

.:: Newcastle United Kitpack 2011/2012 by SGD Fan ::.

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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. Hei…link of download of Real grass mod is same with
    Sweet patch! Solve this!please:P

  2. Avatar photo

    @Dragos: Updated!Thanks!

  3. At what hour will be released the patch with LIGA1 for FIFA12
    ?Thank you,I am waiting for your answer

  4. where is Liga 1? you said on 15 november will be relased.

  5. Avatar photo

    Please check our official facebook page!

  6. I don’t have facebook so could you please tell me when it’s going to be released the Liga 1 patch ?

  7. Avatar photo

    ” Unfortunately CRLP 12 will be delayed upon its release!We encountered some major problems in the codding of FIFA 12!Please bear in mind that we are making this patch with the help of Excel and Texture Editor and it’s a very very difficult job!But hopefully this weekend you will be able to play CRLP 12!Cheers! “

  8. how do you import kits and textures into fifa 12

  9. Hi. I did how it says on the readme fime of Real Grass Mod by 2pi but i see no changes on the grass, it still the same than bafore.
    By the with Sweat Patch V.1 FIFA 12 by 2pi i see the changes on player’s faces but not on the grass.
    I used regenerator with the 3 rd option (.rx3) it’s the right one i think??
    And is it possible to make a Champions League scoreboard?

    Regards JONAS

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