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.:: FIFA 12 Official Demo ::.

.:: FIFA 12 Official Demo ::.

The official FIFA 12 demo is here!You can download it bellow:


  • Note that if the installer doesn’t start you must uninstall FIFA 11 from your PC!(FIX Here)
  • In case the demo is crashing on the welcome FIFA 12 screen you must unplug your generic controller!FIFA 12 doesn’t support generic controllers!
  • One last time for the PS3 Users in Europe: The demo will be available tomorrow at 18:00 PM BST (London,UK).
  • There is a fix to play the game with generic controllers: Go to Start-> Run-> (or maybe press the Windows button + R) -> type Regedit -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER ->System->CurrentControlSet->Control->MediaProperties->PrivateProperties->Joystick->OEM-> and there in some of the three folders you should find a file called OEMName->Right Click on it -> Modify.. ->Rename USB Gamepad to ” Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2 ” . After download this Xbox 360 controller files and paste them in your main FIFA 12 Demo folder (Download Here).
  • We have the fix for running FIFA 11 & FIFA 12 Demo at the same time!Download this registry file (Here),run it and you’re done!Now you can install FIFA 12 Demo without uninstalling FIFA 11.
  • Fix for keyboard users: If you want to play FIFA 12 demo,with the classic keyboard controls,go in my documents -> FIFA 11,and copy buttonDATAsetup.ini file into my documents FIFA 12 folder.
    • For USA PS3 users – the FIFA12 demo will go live between 2-6pm PST.
    • For Xbox Users: There is an issue with Xbox Live at the moment!They are trying to fix the problem!
    • Demo Extender File: With this file you can change the minutes halves from 3 to 5 or 10 minutes and also choose what difficulty level you want!(Download Here)
    • GamePad Fix Tool for FIFA 12 Demo (Download Here)
    • FIFA 12 Demo Tweaker Files (Download Here)
    • Lag Fix: Disable vsync and antialiasing on fifaconfig.exe after enable/force antialiasing on AMD Vision Engine Control Center (AMD/ATI) or Nvidia Control Panel (nVidia),finally enable/force tripple buffering and vsync on D3DOverrider(Download Here)
    • Lag Fix Alterntive: Start FIFA 12 Demo , CTRL + ALT + DELETE , go to processes, select fifa.exe and set priority above normal or higher.You must do this everytime you play the demo!
    • Always check the latest drivers for you graphic card!
    • Demo Expander 12 Tool (Download Here)
    • FIFA 12 Demo Modded Unlocked DB 1.1 FIXED (Download Here)

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  1. Hey…after the fix is installed…
    how can I uninstall it?

  2. @Farhan: @Farhan:
    Farhan I have a solution to play the game offline when u dont have internet connection.
    Download the crack of FIFA 12 its available on torrents if u dont find it reply here and I will post a link to it.
    Copy your original (FIFA.exe) and keep it somewhere else safe and then paste the crack over the original FIFA.exe and then play without internet connection. The game will work and origin will also start but origin will say that its working in offline mode so whenever you have internet connection you can logout of origin and log back in and play FIFA 12 online even with the crack.
    Summing it up, the crack also allows you to play online if you have an original copy of the game.

    Tell me if it solves your problem or if you have any questions. Thanks.

  3. @bicky1310: Yes your thing works nice but a few problems are there too.
    Firstly I configured everything according to what u said but when I enter the game the controls act weird for example on the menu I press (A) button and it inputs twice like when I press A button on my joystick to quit the game it inputs twice and therefore the game doesnt quit because in order to quit the game you have to press A once and then theres a confirmation box and u have to scroll to yes. but its a nice software but not for the menus.
    For the menus I think I’ll stick to the keyboard. But while playing a match its fine. atleast finally now i can use my right analog stick which before i couldnt.

  4. Can someone help me. After I configured my controller with x360ce program inside my game its showing that I have 2 controllers connected and a keyboard. Maybe that explains why earlier I had a problem with menus. Can anybody tell how can I remove the previous controller form the game. its like the controller is saved inside the game along with its configuration which I set for it before moving on to x360ce.

  5. @FIFA SKILLER: I saw your video but it doesnt solve my problem. My problem is that my FIFA 12 is showing 2 controllers after ive installed X360ce. you see in the arena I go to select sides and theres 2 gamepads and 1 keyboard. The game pad which works perfectly is the Custom A which X360ce gave me but before I installed X360ce there was another configuration named CLASSIC and now its not going out of the game. The problem with having 2 configurations for the same gamepad is that its shitty to navigate through the menus with it. For example If you press B to go back it will press B twice although you pressed only once but because theres 2 gamepads it registers the B button command twice hence creating problems. :S

    HELP PLEASE. I’ll Appreciate it.

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