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.:: FIFA 12 Demo News ::.

  We have the exact hour when the demo will be released!The demo is scheduled to be available at 10:00 AM BST (London,UK) tomorrow!For the PS3 users in Europe the demo will be available on 14th of September at 18:00 PM BST(London,UK).Until then enjoy a new HQ image gallery:

Note that this is a heavy image gallery and may take some time to load!

FIFA12: Podolski dribbling in box (PS3)FIFA12: PS3 telecam with hudFIFA12: Zanetti volley cross (PS3)FIFA12: Xbox 360 telecam with hudFIFA12: Hummels jumps for headed (Xbox 360)FIFA 12: De Rossi header (Xbox 360)FIFA 12: Ronaldo dribble (Xbox 360)FIFA 12: Fabregas playing for BarcelonaFIFA 12: Kaka and Valdes (PS3)FIFA 12: Real Madrid (PS3)FIFA 12: Joe Cole playing for LilleFIFA 12: Peter Crouch playing for StokeFIFA 12: ChicharitoFIFA 12: Adebayor playing for TottenhamFIFA 12: Chicharito shotFIFA 12: Marquez strikeFIFA 12 :Marquez header renderFIFA 12: Marquez clearing header

See you tomorrow with the demo link!

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  1. Does anyone know how to submit a picture here?

  2. I’ve just checked my US account, still nothing…

  3. how is the DEMO called and where does it stand?

  4. where it isnt on mine, does the state matter? i have beverly hills california??

  5. im downloading it now in england on ps3 get innnn !!

  6. omg its finally here yessss! 😀 omfg !

  7. what is the name of the DEMO and where does it stands

  8. i cant find it on my us account, does the state matter i have beverly hills california?

  9. it s downloading…. its taking ages XD im gonna die waiting lool finally…. 😀 its only out on american accounts…

  10. dean where does it stands???

  11. I too have a Beverley Hills account and I can’t find it. :/

  12. I have a NY account and can’t find it

  13. I think they’re bull-shitting.

    MY face is ripping from squeezing my cheeks so hard from the excitement

  15. write fifa 12 on search no im not bull shitin lol

  16. mine is downloading im not lying if u dnt belive me add my account jellymonster_7

  17. I apologize, you were not bull-shitting.. I’ve got it! Thanks!

  18. no problem i understand you, ive been waiting nervously for the past 8 hours XD add my account m8 jellymonster_7

  19. I’m downloading aswell!!!

  20. cool its taking long tho to download XD

  21. I’m only on 5%! haha. I should’ve just waited until later on and got it off the UK store. Less traffic :’)

  22. done!!! I’m goin 2 play now

  23. Nearly an hour gone and I’m only 56% done… It better be worth it!! :O

  24. Lads 99% Done…….I Can Honestly Officially Say….I Have A Boner.

  25. The demo its pretty okay, I just hope the game its better.

  26. You can only pick a few teams.

  27. help meeee!!! I can’t find it… my account name is fsm-89

  28. Things ive noticed and like:

    Their isnt as much speed difference between the faster and slower players

    The graphics are better than other fifa games

    Chips arent as hard as on 11 but not as easy as on 10

    There seems to be more area of the goal that you can score in, for example a shot can still find the net if you connect with the ball properly and the keeper isnt in the perfect position, on 11 the keepers seemed ‘robot like’ a little bit

    Headers are harder to score with

    Things i dont like:

    No online on demo, didnt expect one but would have been nice

    The old defending system still seems to be more effective even after i got used to the new one

  29. Not final representative of final game

  30. Does anybody else think skilled dribling isnt as good either?

  31. fifa 12 demo omg its finally here yessss! 😀 omfg !

  32. can i play manager mode in fifa 12 demo

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