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:: FIFA 11 PC | Guess WHO’S BACK ::

Clementzuzu – the super talent GRAPHIC MAKER – with Premium Console Style for FIFA 09 PC – says WELCOME BACK with some new screenshots on TURF, FACE and SKY.

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  1. Faces are just amazing !!! Like real players !

    You’re the best !

    hope that we can have this improvment few days after release of the game

  2. Really good news!!! I Can’t wait for Fifa 11 full and of course your awesome job. Thanks so much for share all this.

  3. Wow Clementzuzu, awesome work!
    Really love the iniesta face is very realistic now!

  4. great good news 😀 😀 …
    love your fifa 09 patch..
    you the best..
    hope you will make great work..

  5. i think with this graphic patch fifa 11 pc win
    on fifa 11 consoles

    i wait this patch Don’t forget crowd patch

    i want cinmation patch (consoles intro match) ,( players Celebrations )and(Players Objection)

    i want new plans patch,last players Transfer and players capabilities

    Messi low Speed and skill i want high speed and skill to Messi

  6. Great to see u back Clement 😀

    Fantastic work as always

  7. the third pic looks freaking awesome!

  8. Great can’t wait to try 🙂

  9. Really ? Ok, then dream on. Now it’s clear these scoreboard won’t be released to the community.
    I love MD work and I understand he might not want to share every good stuff he creates with the community, but just starting and posting here nice screens with good stuff without any release dates or something makes me think he only wants to show he’s the best FIFA modder, and he only wants us to kiss !@#$ ass, no offence.
    What’s the reason of posting screens with something you don’t actually share with others ?
    This is something I’ll never understand.
    If you want to make something just for you, keep it “locally”, very simple.
    FUCK YOU !

  10. so so so so so so so so so sorry wrong mod

  11. Man, and the download link?

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