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FIFA 11 PC DEMO | DEMO Tweaker 0.2

Another small TOOL for FIFA 11 PC DEMO by MONKEYDRAGON. Here it is – DEMO Tweaker lets you change some settings (SKIP FRONT END, Windowed, BALL…) for DEMO version. More setting coming soon. Let’s take a look at screenshot and download now.


– Install to FIFA 11 PC DEMO folder
– Click on DEMO TWEAKER icon on desktop to launch.

======HOW TO USE
1) Launch TOOL
2) Set FIFA 11 PC DEMO path
3) Choose Setting
4) Click SAVED
5) Start GAME from desktop icon or click START
6) Once SETTING SAVED, you can exit TOOL
7) Keep TOOL running if you want to use HOTKEY to exit game.


+ NOT support CHANGE while playing GAME.
+ NOT support ADD more ID.

– You can type your code to “ADD-ON CODE”

– Delete RNA.INI at FIFA 11 PC DEMO\Game\


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Founder of FIFA-Infinity.com, Graphic Designer and FIFA Modder in spare time.


  1. Wow mate, amazing tweaker! thanks for it.

  2. Just GREAT!!!!! Thank You So Much!!!

  3. Thanksssssssss

  4. Awesome !

  5. Right, I have a quick question. Is there any way of changing the difficulty since professional is WAY too easy. I only ask this because the fifa tweaker, although the half length has changed dramatically, has not produced a rna.ini file in the demo’s directory. Any help?

  6. Avatar photo

    @Tom: mightbe you’r using 64bit OS.

    You can add this line “SKIP_BOOTFLOW=1” to RNA.ini at GAME\ folder (create if not exist)

  7. I am on 64bit os 🙂 is there an rna.ini custom file that can be used to increase difficulty? I remember seeing one that you could change a value to 0,1,2 or 3 but i cant seem to find that :S

    On a different note, having played both this on all 3 consoles now (ps3, xbox and pc) i prefer the pc version strangely. I think it feels more natural, although the graphics are slightly better on ps3, this is definitely on par with 360 when everything is maxed out 🙂

  8. i hav downloaded it bt whn i click play it shows E0001 error
    wht is dat? how to remove it?

  9. very nice job. Thanks!

  10. Doesent work on wind 7 ?
    or i don`t know me help please

  11. sounds amazing but when i’ve chosen the right path, and boxed the alternative for windowed mode, click save and then start the game; i still don’t get to play in windowed mode =( It’s just the same as it was before I used the tweaker… any help on what i should do? i even tried to put windowed mode as an add-on code

  12. Hi guys,i have a question, if i use this patch (says DEMO) ,in full game,not DEMO, will works?

  13. -ради этого я прочел всю статью. Люблю вас спасибо

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