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What FC 24 eSports Tournaments Are Currently Played?

Discover the current active tournaments like FC Pro Open, ePremier League, and more, tailored for gaming and eSports enthusiasts.

The eSports scene is buzzing with excitement as EA SPORTS FC 24’s FC Pro ecosystem hosts various tournaments. These events not only showcase top virtual football talent but also connect fans globally.

Currently, these tournaments are in various stages, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for participants and fans alike.The eSports scene, particularly within EA SPORTS FC 24’s FC Pro ecosystem, is a vibrant and growing domain.

From humble beginnings in local Internet cafes, eSports has burgeoned into a global phenomenon. This evolution mirrors trends seen in online gaming, such as the rise of iGaming platforms like Vulkan Vegas. In eSports, a similar trajectory is evident with a multitude of websites offering varied wagering options and competitive odds for fans of eSports players.

This article provides an up-to-date snapshot of these exciting eSports events, offering a clear view of what’s happening now in the world of virtual football gaming.

Current Status of Key Tournaments

The FC Pro ecosystem includes several regional tournaments, each representing different football leagues around the world. These tournaments are:

  • FC Pro Open: At the heart of this ecosystem is the FC Pro Open, a global event where over 50,000 players compete for a spot in the prestigious FC Pro World Championships. This event not only showcases the best talents but also serves as a gateway to international recognition and lucrative rewards. Currently, it is in the group stage phase where players compete in weekly contests, more specifically Match Week 4.  The final is set for February 3rd, 2024.
  • ePremier League: Incorporating the English league, the ePremier League offers a substantial £100,000 prize pool prize pool and a route to the UEFA eChampions League and the FC Pro World Championships. Currently, the ePremier League is underway, with players battling through club playoffs and the grand finals in early 2024.
  • eLigue 1 Open: Running from late October to December, this tournament allows French and Monaco residents to represent Ligue 1 clubs. The current phase involves online competitions leading to Club Cup and National Playoffs.
  • LaLiga FC Pro: This event highlights Spanish football clubs and attracts a significant number of participants and viewers thanks to the incredible prize pool of more than €350,000. This tournament is currently in its qualifying rounds, where participants compete to represent their favorite LaLiga clubs.
  • eLibertadores: Focusing on South American clubs, this tournament is a vital part of the FC 24 eSports landscape. This South American-focused event is in the midst of its qualifying stages, bringing together talent from across the continent.
  • Virtual Bundesliga: A major event in German football, the Virtual Bundesliga brings together top players from the region. The German football-based tournament is currently engaging players representing Bundesliga clubs in its regular season, aiming to crown the best in the Virtual Bundesliga.
  • eDivisie: The Dutch football clubs are showcased in this event, which is an essential part of the FC 24 eSports series. The virtual counterpart of Eredivisie is currently in its regular season stage, with various clubs competing for supremacy.
  • PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games: Polish players can participate in the Ekstraklasa Games reserved for both amateur and professional players. Currently the Open phase is in its final qualifier while the Pro phase will kick off in February, 2024.


The FC Pro ecosystem represents a significant development in the world of eSports, offering a diverse range of competitions that cater to fans of different football leagues. This diversity not only adds to the excitement and competitiveness of eSports but also provides a platform for talent from various regions to shine on the global stage.

The FC 24 eSports events are at different stages of progression, each offering unique experiences and challenges to participants. As these tournaments move forward, they continue to captivate the global gaming and eSports community, showcasing the thrilling world of virtual football.

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