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3 Cool New EA Sports FC Mobile Features

Very soon, you’ll be able to enjoy a bunch of entirely new features for EA Sports FC Mobile. That’s about as exciting as it gets in a day and age where players demand the best of experiences on all devices. Read along and get introduced to some of the cool new features to look forward to in the latest version of the game.

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Bonuses for online platforms are getting better and bigger, but that’s not all. Technical advancement also plays a big role in the improvements of mobile games and the industry. These advancements allow players to make use of all their devices and enjoy the full experience on a variety of mobile screens.

This is also the case for EA Sports FC Mobile, which is a mobile game that invites you to build and manage your very own football team. This amazing game developed by Electronic Arts is soon to be improved with some very exciting features. Here are three of the coolest ones to look out for.

1. Better Broadcast Experience

The newest and soon-to-be-released version of EA Sports FC Mobile will give you an even more immersive broadcast experience with an increased focus on the match experience that is both enriched and enhanced.


The visuals are simply on another level, which means the world’s game is taken to another level as well. There are many things to be excited about regarding this upgrade to the broadcast package and the overall gameplay experience in and of itself. 

2. Improved Gameplay Camera

The upcoming features of FC Mobile also include a brand new and improved gameplay camera. The brand-new EA SPORT camera provides more of a live broadcast look and feel and renews the look of the stadium and the atmosphere, so it’s like being there for the very first time.

Last but not least, the gameplay camera is now improved for gesture controls because of its height., making it an exciting feature to look forward to in the upgraded mobile game. 

3. Improved Goal Replays

Goal replays are also set to be greatly improved in the new version of EA Sports FC Mobile. If you enjoyed celebrating your goals before, you really get to celebrate them now by rewatching the goals and golden moments captured by the improved replay cameras. New replay camera angles and effects are additionally being added to the experience.

Now, the most amazing moments are presented in a much more memorable way by applying goal replays during the match and post-match. For just the post-match goal replays, a sequence of three camera angles has been created, which makes this new feature an exciting one to look forward to. 

In general, fans of the series can look forward to both visual and audio updates, which will make EA Sports FC Mobile a more dynamic and immersive gaming experience overall. Fans will get to experience this improved version of the game when it launches on September 26, 2023. The visual look of your football team and your experience as a manager will never be the same again.

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