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EA FC 24 Career Mode & How To Choose a Team

Are you starting a Career Mode in FC 24 and need help selecting a team? Read on for some tips.

Football fans globally have enjoyed FIFA now known as EA Sports FC right at their fingertips since the first game launched over 30 years ago in 1993. Ever since, it has become a household name for many reasons, including its original players, teams, and various modes of play, including Career Mode. It is the Career Mode that has players excited around every corner since it makes you feel as though you are a real-life manager.

This article explores starting a Career Mode in the championship and covering the best team to choose.  

What Is Career Mode and How Does It Work?

If you are unfamiliar with the game and even more so Career Mode, here is what you need to know. This aspect of the game allows you to play in two ways: as a manager or a player. When you pick the manager role, you will guide your team through tournaments, various seasons, player injuries, transfers, team tactics and strategy, player signings, and even international competitions. It involves a gameplay of what you would be doing were you a real-life manager. So, expect real-life challenges, too.

When you choose the footballer experience, you are subjected to a real-world experience. You start as an inexperienced player with excellent prospects. Throughout the game, you are challenged and excel, eventually climbing the ranks to become a star footballer known internationally. The realistic gameplay with dynamic simulations makes this one exciting game aspect.  

Championship Contenders

As we explore some teams who provide a fantastic player experience, specifically in the top leagues in Career Mode, try not to focus on what you know about real-world football but rather on what the game can offer and how you can work the two together.  

For Stadium Presence

An element that genuinely showcases how fantastic FC 24 is, is the game’s authentic depiction of stadiums from across Europe. Including real-life stadiums in the game has been welcomed by fans and players.

This inclusion adds a level of immersion, showing top clubs boasting iconic home grounds replicated in-game. Some of the 105 stadiums you can see and play in include Anfield, Old Trafford, Villa Park, Stamford Bridge, Borussia Park, Volkswagen Arena, and many others.  

High Potential Players

To succeed in Career Mode, you must nurture and develop young talent, like in real-life situations. You can manage clubs committed to young players who back it up with their youth academies. Additionally, providing opportunities to these young players allows them to grow.

For example, Leeds United features the talented Wilfried Gnonto and Crysencio Summerville, who have the potential to grow substantially over the seasons.  

Consider the Transfer Budget

Considering your transfer budget is paramount when deciding to sign top-performing footballers. It shapes your squad and allows you to build a formidable team. For instance, West Ham almost always has a competitive budget, thanks to their performance in the Premier League. This allows for an impactful transfer without having to break the bank.  

Do Not Be Afraid To Select an Underdog

The great thing about FC 24 is that you learn as you progress throughout the game, but one thing remains: never downplay the underdog. Additionally, selecting the underdog could pay off in the long run. However, remember that any league thrives on the underdog narrative, so you will do yourself a favor.

Clubs that defy the odds to beat well-known teams, and they do this even when faced with setbacks, make the game even more fun than before. Additionally, teams like Barnsley or Coventry City embody resilience and determination, making them top choices in this category.  

Real-Life Opportunity With a Side of Virtual Help

When you play EA FC 24, there are many instances where you would imagine it were real-life and how you would help a team achieve greatness in the EFL Championship, for example. While these ideas seem far-fetched to some, they have some merit.

Two teams we are going to profile are Leeds United and Leicester City. Both English sides have had a certain level of triumph and challenges, be it players or management. However, as with any football tournament, the teams you least expect to have the highest odds on favorites for promotion often exceed our expectations and go on to win, albeit every couple of years.

Leeds United has made some resurgence under manager Daniel Farke, and this real-life situation has created a compelling narrative for FC 24 Career Mode players. Not only does this team have a passionate fan base, but the squad also has massive potential. However, managing this side is exciting, although it comes with its challenges.

Leicester City last captivated the football world when the side won the 2015/2016 Premier League Season, which left many jaws on the floor. However, the winning squad has joined even bigger English sides since then. This left Leicester in decline, faced with the uphill battle of replacing those key players. However, this team remains an inspiration in real life and is often a firm favorite in FC 24.

Career Mode Is a Top Choice

Not only does EA Sports FC continue to evolve, even going as far as a complete name change in 2023, but the game has remained consistent with its asked-for add-ons. One such request that eventually evolved into a must is the game’s Career Mode. This game mode allows you to play as a manager or footballer and grow your team or the player from the ground up.

Consider basing your strategy on real-life footballer experiences — look at teams like Leeds United and Leicester City for inspiration.

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