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The first official EA Sports Patch for FIFA 11 PC has been released and contains the next enhancements for the game, and will improve the following:

  • The end-match crash in Manager Mode and Exhibition Match.
  • The Manager Mode crash when using Peterborough Club.
  • Teams in Manager Mode that were appearing in the incorrect leagues. Note: This will not work for Manager Mode saves that you have in progress, only new ones that you start after installing the patch.
  • The Manager Mode in-game scoreboard location when in widescreen mode and using a league other than England.
  • The Manager Mode in-game scoreboard location when Olympique Lyonnais are used.
  • The weather pattern randomizer in Manager Mode.
  • Two users playing on the same team if you enter the online mode with the mouse.
  • Online Head to Head matches where the in-game scoreboard location was sometimes too low on the screen.
  • Users being able to control the opponent CPU with a second controller after backing out of a Ranked Online match.
  • Users who did not receive a DNF% on the Head to Head Leaderboards when pressing ALT + F4.
  • Highlight replays video stuttering.
  • NIS (Non-Interactive Sequence) stuttering.
  • Improvement for keyboard users who were not able to access the in-game Controller Settings.
  • A work around for video stuttering on ATI video cards (until a new driver is released).
  • Correction to Lincoln City kit sponsors.
  • Correction to Zenit St. Petersburg third kit.
  • Correction to Montpellier kit sponsors.

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    from your fifa 11 cd take data0.1,2,3.big & .bh and fifa.exe, put them in EA\FIFA 11\Game
    install the patch.

    Thanks!!! haha, you’re the man!!!

    Guy’s this one is work for pirated version!!!

  • http://Website Rod

    How do you find out which version you have?

  • http://Website catire

    have Data3.big Have link download

  • http://Website Dnt Knw

    it works but when i go online it asks to sign up then i create an account it asks for cd key, i have a pirated RELOADED version of the game, i generate a code and enter still it says invalid. How do i play online?

  • http://Website RM

    It asks for a CD key to go online. I’m running a copy activated by a key generator software. Do I need to use the very same key I use to activate this copy or can I do anything else to go online?

  • http://Website This is GREAT!

    Omg. I can’ believe! This is great! Thank’s! You’re the MAN!

  • http://Website Barklegne Eshetu

    I downloaded the file but i dont know how and where to install it.

  • http://Website sam

    it is not installing what should i do?????

  • http://Website benturi

    fuck pes go fifa

  • http://Website benturi

    I love fifa

  • Sabu7

    Great Work Thanks but I have a problem!
    I installed the PATCH and after installing it I replaced the .EXE gamefile with the crack.
    The game works fine but when it asks me to put my EA account info and i put it in to go online then it asks me the CD key inside the game..
    Now what ?
    I tried the Key generator that came with my installation and i used that key generator while installing the game.
    Now when its asking me for the key inside the game I think I have to give it the exact same key that I used while installing the game
    or I could be wrong and there maybe a crack for this.

    PLZZZZZ HELP ME coz I really want to play Online!
    Thank You

  • Nik


  • abash

    patch is needed to play in gameranger

  • Bogdan Andrei Timbus


  • Extazer Alin

    JUCAM ?

  • Bogdan Andrei Timbus

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  • pickadick

    that retarded?

  • John

    :)))))…did someone say something about a crack ;)) ?