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.:: FIFA 13 Demo ::.

The FIFA 13 Demo is finally here! Bellow you can download the PC version of the demo followed later by the Xbox 360 (10 AM – 2 PM UK Time) and PS3 (between 10 PM- 2 AM UK Time).

FIFA 13 Demo (PC) Download:

You need Origin to download the PC demo!
 Go to the Free Games Section and download it from there! The size of the demo is 2.27 GB!


Fixes for FIFA 13 PC Demo Bugs
  • If you experience lag use D3DOverrider and enable/force tripple buffering and vsync on FIFA 13 exe. Also enable/force antialiasing on AMD Vision Engine Control Center (AMD/ATI) or Nvidia Control Panel (nVidia).
  • Always update your graphic card drivers! nVidiaAMD/ATI
  • For those with the Direct X crash issue please update your Direct X! Go here to find out how.
  • If your controller has problems with the demo please download these Xbox360 controller files and put them in your main FIFA 13 Demo folder.
  • For the keyboard users that have difficulties with the keyboard setup for the demo go in My Documents -> FIFA 12 and copy the file “buttonDATAsetup.ini” and paste it in the FIFA 13 folder from My Documents and FIFA 13 Demo folder.
  • If you have this problem, turn off the Anti-aliasing and V-Sync from your graphic card Control Panel OR set Anti-alising mode to application-controlled.
  • If you get the “APPCRASH” error select the fifaconfig.exe and FIFA 13 Demo.exe go to their Properties > Compatibility and select Win XP SP3 as compatibility mode.
  • Try the next solution if the demo crashes before launching: Open C:/My Documents / FIFA 13 Demo / instance0, select “replay0.bin”, right-click, Properties/ Check read only. Thanks to FGB for the tip!
  • If the game crashes before you start a match, go and update your graphic card drivers! nVidiaAMD/ATI
  • If the demo crashes at the language page you need to re-install Windows Media Player! Tutorial here. The intro can’t run without WMP, so the demo crashes.
  • Temporary fix for corners/penalties/freekicks crash: When you get a freekick or a corner, after the referee blows the whistle, press ESCAPE (ESC), then go to SETTINGS -> CONTROLLER -> and set it from KEYBOARD —-> to KEYBOARD+MOUSE, then resume the game, take the corner or the freekick with the mouse and then go back to settings and set back to KEYBOARD and continue playing with your settings! Thanks to cla13b for the solution!
  • For those with heavy stuttering/lag:
    From the fifaconfig.exe disable MSAA Options and Vsync and thick “Disable Windows Aero Theme”.For rendering quality is up to you how to set it but remember that an old PC would never run FIFA on High! Now follow the next steps:
    Go to your graphic card control panel (right-click on desktop), go to Manage 3D Settings,Program Settings and add the FIFA 13 demo exe and set these settings for it. (At Texture Filtering – Quality put High Performance)

ATI: Get RadeonPro make a profile with the FIFA 13 Demo,select it,click on Profile > Visual and add these settings: Anti-Aliasing = Application Controlled, Anti-Aliasing Filter = Multisampling, Anti-Aliasing Mode = Multi Sample, Anisotropic Filtering = Application Controlled. From the Advance and Tweak tabs turn OFF Vsync & Tripple Buffering.

Note that these are only standard settings and will not fix your problem 100% because everyone has different specs. You can change and tweak the settings yourself until you reach an optimal configuration for your game and the lag and stuttering will stop. Also don’t forget to use the D3DOverrider!

  • A fix for corners/penalties/freekicks crash is available here!
  • Another optional fix for the corners/penalties/freekicks crash can be found here.
  • If you still get the crash before you start a match after you updated your graphic gards drivers try to ALT + Tab before you click play match,return to the game and enter the match.
  • Another fix for the start up crash is to download msvcp100.dll & msvcr100.dll and place them inside “FIFA 13 Demo\Game” directory(where fifa13_demo.exe is there). Thanks to blade for the fix!


Mods for FIFA 13 PC Demo

Updates for FIFA 13 Demo
  • The Xbox 360 FIFA 13 Demo is available for Xbox Live Gold members only!
  • The FIFA 13 PS3 Demo is available in the US PS store! Search for “FIFA 13” and get downloading.
  • The FIFA 13 Demo is now available for everyone in the PS Store!
  • EA Sports have released a patch that fixes the custom keyboard configurations and the crashes during corners and free kicks. Just open Origin and the patch will be downloaded and installed.

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