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    UEFA EURO 2016 Patch for FIFA16


    UEFA EURO 2016 Patch - with 24-team Finals Tournament + 55-team Finals & Qualification Tournament


    All rosters of all 55 UEFA nations accurate up to the end of the qualification play-offs with every single player that participated in qualifying.
    All 24 real-life Finalists will have their 23-man squads & formations updated just before the tournament (circa 01/06/2016)
    All UEFA NTs are fully licensed with updated mini-faces and corresponding generic or real faces. Minifaces for every single UEFA NT player from 2014-16.
    All UEFA NTs have licensed kit and minikit sets; Many teams have two sets: 2016 Finals kits & 2014-15 "classic" kits
    All UEFA NTs will have licensed, real-life banners
    All UEFA licensed players and NTs will have correct ID's if they were in any FIFA/WC game ever released.
    Real Formations used from either FIFA16 original database or 2014WC. Formations will be updated for the 24 Finalists.
    Real UEFA EURO 2016 Trophy
    Substitute bibs from MW/PES DLC
    Real Referees
    Tournament Adboards from PES DLC
    Stadium Graphics from PES DLC
    Official UEFA EURO 2016 Ball - Beau Jeu 2016
    UEFA EURO 2016 Scoreboard & Pop Ups
    Teams of the Tournament from UEFA EURO 2000, 2004, 2008 & 2012


    24-team Finals Tournament:
    - All 24-teams set in their correct, real-life groups with real-life progression to and within the knockout phases
    - Finals' Stadiums will be assigned as accurately as possible for the Group and Knockout Stages

    55-team Finals & Qualification Tournament:
    - All 55 UEFA NTs set in their correct groups in qualification and France given a bye directly to the Finals in Pot A1.
    - All Direct Qualification spots accurately progress to their real-life positions in the Finals Tournament.
    - Best 3rd placer automatically qualifies to the sport which Turkey got in the Finals Draw = D3
    - Playoffs for 2nd-9th 3rd-placers are set according to pot seedings. (2nd vs 8th - 3rd vs 5th - 1st vs 6th - 4th vs 7th)
    - Finals' Stadiums will be assigned as accurately as possible for the Group and Knockout Stages


    Database - 99%
    Rosters - 99%
    Graphics - 90%
    UEFA National Stadiums - 28/55 Completed in FIFA16 - 50.9%
    UEFA National Stadiums - 24/55 In Rhino - 43.63%
    UEFA National Stadiums - 1/55 in FIFA14 - 1.8%
    UEFA National Stadiums - 3/55 Not Built At All - 5.3%
    UEFA EURO 2016 Host Stadiums - 3/10 Completed in FIFA16 - 30%
    Bonus stadiums - 4/5 Completed in FIFA16 - 80%
    Tournament Structure - 0%
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