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Sheffield Wednesday MiniFaces.

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    Sheffield Wednesday MiniFaces.

    My first "mod", probably of no interest to anyone here but still wanted to share it!

    Sheffield Wednesday Mini Face pack.

    Adds faces for those players without one and updates a few of the outdated pictures.


    17 players in all updated/added:

    Betra - p221431
    Corry - p199011
    Dawson - p194672
    Floro - p219610
    Hélan - p200441
    Hutchinson- p169708
    Lavery - p211463
    Lees - p193569
    Madine - p184707
    Maghoma - p169644
    Maguire - p167841
    Mattock - p182694
    May - p202526
    Nuhiu - p188996
    Palmer - p198377
    Sanders - p223374
    Semedo - p172258
    Stobbs - p221867

    Incredible, can you show me how to do it?


      I'm far from an expert or anything but from my experience it's a case of:

      1. Create clean head image of the player's face, size 128x128 saved as a dds.
      2. name it to the correct ID for the player, you can get that from
      3. Save into the folder \FIFA 15\data\ui\imgAssets\heads
      4. Regenerate with i68controller.

      Obviously the Football Manager community has lots of the faces done already so in theory they could be used (I used some made by NiceLad with his permission), it's best to ask permission to use them before using them though if possible, certainly you should credit the original creator in the readme.


        nice minifaces!


          nici pack!