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Xbox Controller Buttons Not Working with FIFA15

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  • easton
    I use X360ce for fix this problem, this emulate a xbox controller.
    This worked

    But I have, other problem with Fifa16, LAG, is so slow and I don't know why, my pc run GTA V fast with default configuration, and Fifa no
    No matters what I do, always slow...
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  • SenorGustavo
    started a topic Xbox Controller Buttons Not Working with FIFA15

    Xbox Controller Buttons Not Working with FIFA15

    Hey guys, I posted the below issue on the Microsoft forum ( but I'm not holding my breath for any useful responses. I figured I'd maybe get a bit of assistance here so I've reposted my issue below....

    Up until a few months ago I was playing Fifa 15 on PC with a wired Xbox 360 controller with absolutely no problems. Then after a graphics card driver update (using AMD Radeon 7800 series) or at least around the time of the update my controller stopped working with Fifa 15. The problem with the controller is that only the buttons do not work in game, it appears that the joysticks do work as I can filter between the language options on start up but cannot press any button (X,Y,A,B, Start, Back etc.). I thought this problem would be pretty common but so far have found no fix at all.

    I have reinstalled my Xbox controller drivers countless times, checking for updates regularly but this has not helped. I have also removed any old controller drivers. I can confirm that the problem is not with the hardware in the controller itself as I tested using > 'Click Start, click Run, type joy.cpl in the Open box, and then click Properties.' -> from this test all buttons are working fine.

    Really struggling to find any solution to this guys, if anyone has any idea how to fix please let me know below as I'm sure there are other people out there with the same issue.