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Constant 60 FPS & Stutters

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    Constant 60 FPS & Stutters

    Hello guys, i have a weird problem with FIFA 15.
    Fraps shows constant and solid 60fps all the time (cutscenes, replays..), although i get stuttering when moving the camera on freekicks, corners and goal kicks even though it shows a solid 60fps. I tried the Pro mode camera and the game run flawlessly at a constant & smooth 60fps, so i'm very confused about this problem.

    More infos: I've already applied the fix, disabled the frame cap from FIFA settings and activated adaptative Vsync on nvidia control panel, it fixed the stuttering during the game except on the situations mentionned above. I also tried the game at the lowest possible settings but i always get the same results. I'm playing on a i7 3770 / gtx 750ti SC / 8GB RAM.

    Anyone knows a fix for this? Or is it meant to be this way with everyone? Please help me out guys, thanks in advance.

    I have the exact same graphic card and I have the following settings:

    (It's in italian)

    I only get stuttering during some online matches but that's it, I have no issues offline! I also recomment you to use this LOD gfx tweaker:

    Credits for the screens go to my friend Fidel!